Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday, January 29, 2021
Doug Noland Posted on January 28, 2021

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Drop; Treasury Yields Rise: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] GameStop Surges in Premarket as Some Trading Restrictions Lifted

[CNBC] Bitcoin spikes 20% after Elon Musk adds #bitcoin to his Twitter bio

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Holds Steady Amid Economic Data Boost, Fears Over Demand

[Reuters] U.S. consumer spending falls for second straight month in December

[Reuters] U.S. labor costs rise solidly in the fourth quarter

[AP] Democrats to ‘act big’ on $1.9T aid; GOP wants plan split

[CNBC] Robinhood raises $1 billion and taps credit lines to make trading of GameStop available to customers

[CNBC] Covid live updates: WHO starts investigation into Covid’s Wuhan origin

[CNBC] New Covid variants are going to ‘hit us pretty hard,’ says Dr. Peter Hotez

[CNBC] J&J says its Covid vaccine is 66% effective, but the single shot may fall short against variants

[Reuters] Take a Look – From Reddit rally to trade curbs: The retail trading frenzy

[CNN] HNA once wanted to rule the world. Now it faces bankruptcy

[Reuters] Canada economy sees biggest GDP drop ever in 2020, November GDP beats

[Reuters] Brazil govt debt ends 2020 at record high 89.3% of GDP

[Reuters] Mexico in 2020 suffers worst slump since Great Depression

[Bloomberg] Bubble Warnings Everywhere Just Keep Getting Louder

[Bloomberg] GameStop Mania Spreads Half a World Away to Target Glove Makers

[Bloomberg] Rising Food Prices Risk Making the Covid Hunger Crisis Worse

[Bloomberg] Market Madness Puts Pension Funds in a Risky Bind

[WSJ] GameStop Frenzy Causes Glitches for High-Speed Traders

[WSJ] Robinhood, Other Brokerages Restrict Trading on GameStop, AMC

[FT] The battle ahead: war is coming for your money

[FT] Moderna cuts deliveries to Italy and France in new blow to EU vaccination plans

[FT] Chinese warplanes simulated attacking US carrier near Taiwan

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