Friday, March 11, 2022

Friday, March 11, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on March 10, 2022

[Reuters] Putin sees “certain positive shifts” in talks with Ukraine

[AP] Russian strikes hit western Ukraine as offensive widens

[Reuters] Russian forces regroup near Kyiv after setbacks

[Reuters] Putin says Russia to use Middle East volunteer fighters

[Reuters] U.S. steps up pressure on Russia over Ukraine invasion

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: Putin Cites ‘Positive’ Developments in Talks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bond Rout Widens as Quickening Inflation Adds to Rate-Hike Bets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Rise as Putin Remark Boosts Sentiment: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed Seen Being Cautious in Rate Path Amid Ukraine Uncertainty

[Reuters] Ukraine’s farmers stalled, fueling fears of global food shortages

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Contrarian Woo Warns of VAR Shock as Investors Misread War

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Shockwaves Spread as Europe’s Economy Reels at Energy Fallout

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Credit Growth Slows More Than Expected Despite Easing

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Logan Cut Deeper into Junk; Bonds Decline: Evergrande Update

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Credit Falls as Even Higher-Rated Builders Hit Record Lows

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Markets in Turmoil as Russia Ties Add to List of Risks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s $1.9 Trillion Stock Rout Has No End in Sight

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Brazil Inflation Surpasses Forecasts as War Drives Up Prices

[MSN/WP] Flour rationing in Lebanon, grain hoarding in Hungary: How the Ukraine war is lurching the globe toward a new food crisis

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Iran Nuclear Talks Suspended as Window Closes on Key Deal

[Bloomberg] China Covid Infections Top 1,000 for First Time in Two Years

[Bloomberg] Uranium Surges to Highest Since Fukushima on Russian War

[WSJ] Economic Blacklist of Russia Marks New Blow for Globalization

[FT] Bond investors left in the dark after some Russian borrowers pay up

[FT] Beijing weighs nickel rescue deal for billionaire owner of Tsingshan

[FT] What targets are left for US sanctions in Russia?

[FT] Endgame in Ukraine: how the war could play out

[FT] Hawks in control at ECB as inflation fears dictate policy shift

[FT] China struggles to rein in biggest virus outbreak since Wuhan

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