Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday, May 13, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on May 12, 2022

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Rise as Rate-Hike Worries Ease: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Extends Gains as Investors Weigh Russian Ban, China Outlook

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Crypto’s $270 Billion Meltdown Gives Way to an Uneasy Calm

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Hong Kong Becomes World’s Must-Watch Market as Easy Money Ends

[Reuters] Musk shelves $44-billion Twitter deal ‘temporarily’, shares slump

[Reuters] Analysis: Wall Street ‘fear gauge’ offers no silver lining as bear market looms

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Age of Inflation in US Will Last Much Longer Than Pandemic Spike

[Reuters] Global equity funds see massive outflows on slowdown fears

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Turkish Chill Hits Potential NATO Expansion

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Credit Demand Slumps as Covid Lockdowns Curb Borrowing

[Reuters] Chinese developers’ debt woes worsen as sales, yuan weaken

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Apple Suppliers, Top Chipmaker Succumb to China Lockdowns

[AP] Russian pipeline sanctions raise fears of gas interruption

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] India CPI Surge to 8-Year High Fuels Rate Hike Expectations

[Reuters] S.Africa’s new COVID cases cross 10,000 for first time since January

[Reuters] Symptoms linger two years for some; inflammatory protein patterns may provide long COVID clues

[Popular Science] Lake Powell’s drought is part of a growing threat to hydropower everywhere

[NYT] Cryptocurrencies Melt Down in a ‘Perfect Storm’ of Fear and Panic

[WSJ] How More Than $1 Trillion of Crypto Vanished in Just Six Months

[WSJ] Baby Formula Shortage Could Leave Parents Scrambling for Months

[FT] US junk bond market starts to crack under inflation and supply fears

[FT] What the CIA thinks: William Burns on the new world disorder

[FT] Australia accuses China of ‘act of aggression’ as spy ship hugs coast

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