Friday, November 26, 2021

Friday, November 26, 2021
Doug Noland Posted on November 25, 2021

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Drop, Bonds Jump on Fears Over Virus Strain: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] European shares set for worst sell-off in a year as virus scare grips

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Nikkei 225 Sinks 3% as New Variant, Stronger Yen Spur Selling

[Reuters] Oil prices dive to two-month lows on COVID, surplus jitters

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Traders Unwind Rate-Hike Bets as New Covid Fears Spread

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street’s Fear Gauge Surges as New Strain Hits Markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bitcoin Retreats 20% From All-Time High as Risk Assets Slump

[Reuters] Britain says new COVID-19 variant is the most significant yet found

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Travel Curbs Imposed; New Variant Seen in Belgium: Virus Update

[Reuters] Explainer: What we know about the COVID-19 variant detected in South Africa

[AP] Israel warns of ‘emergency’ after detecting new virus strain

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Chairman Cuts Stake; Developer Shares Slide: Evergrande Update

[CNBC] China’s real estate uncertainties persist, fueling market anxiety

[Reuters] Turks scramble to find medications after lira plunge hits supply

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] New Variant Puts South Africa at Risk of Global Shut Out

[Reuters] Taiwan is a ‘force for good’, senior U.S. lawmaker says on trip to Taipei

[Reuters] Australia says China’s ‘alarming’ actions at odds with peaceful rhetoric

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukrainian President Warns of Possible Coup, Russian Intimidation

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Putin Pushes Confrontation With NATO as Hardliners Prevail

[Bloomberg] Shanghai’s Flareup Spreads as China Faces a New Covid Outbreak

[Bloomberg] Leverage on Leverage Is Big Danger for Investors and Their Lenders

[WSJ] High-Yield Bond Sales Soar to Record as Investors Have Few Other Places to Go

[WSJ] Turks Abandon the Lira for Dollars as Currency Crisis Deepens

[WSJ] On the Front Lines of the Supply-Chain Crisis

[WSJ] Biden’s Economic Plans Collide With Inflation Reality

[FT] Turkish unrest grows as Erdogan’s ‘economic war’ hits cost of living

[FT] Japan approves extra defence spending amid concerns over China’s rising power

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