Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday, October 13, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on October 13, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasuries and Oil Jump on Israel-Hamas Conflict: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Gold set to mark best week in 7 months as markets price in end of Fed hikes

[Reuters] Oil surges $3 on US sanctions, tight stockpile forecasts

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yen Hovers Just Shy of 150 Level as Intervention Threat Weighs

[Reuters] Israel calls for civilians to leave Gaza City as military amasses tanks

[CNN] Israel calls on 1.1 million Gazans to evacuate south in order UN warns is ‘impossible’

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Israel Latest: Mideast Rallies Grow as Gaza Crisis Worsens

[Reuters] Iran’s foreign minister meets Hezbollah leader in Lebanon on Israel-Hamas war

[Reuters] Hezbollah says calls for it not to intervene in war ‘will have no effect’

[Reuters] Republican infighting returns US House speaker race to square one

[Reuters] How U.S. bank balance sheets have changed as Fed raises rates

[Reuters] US colleges become flashpoints for protests on both sides of Israel-Hamas war

[CNBC] JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon warns this is ‘the most dangerous time’ for the world in decades

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Recap: Kyiv Claims Drone Hit on Russian Missile Carrier

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Japan’s Rising Yields, Yen Hedging Costs Drive Insurers to JGBs

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Export Slump Eases as Beijing Works to Bolster Outlook

[Reuters] China’s consumer prices stall, factory deflation persists

[Reuters] Exclusive: Banks in UK assess China risks after being stung by Russia sanctions

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wars, Trade Bans and Climate Change Turn Food Into Politics

[AP] North Korea raises specter of nuclear strike over US aircraft carrier’s arrival in South Korea

[WSJ] Israel Aims to Dismantle Hamas as Blinken Tries to Prevent Wider War

[WSJ] The Fed Is Putting Too Much Faith in Markets

[WSJ] China’s Teetering Local Debt Mountain, in Six Charts

[FT] Western diplomats are walking an impossible tightrope with Israel

[FT] Private credit funds step in for companies facing mountains of debt

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