Monday, January 25, 2021

Monday, January 25, 2021
Doug Noland Posted on January 24, 2021

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Tech Stocks Rally; European Stocks Retreat: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Dollar steadies; euro hurt by vaccine delays and German business morale slump

[MarketWatch] Gold prices perk up as government bond yields retreat

[Reuters] Fed set to look beyond possible post-pandemic inflation shock

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bubble Fears Everywhere But All Investors Can Do Is Keep Buying

[Reuters] U.S. to escalate surveillance, study of coronavirus variants

[Reuters] U.S. corporate buybacks are on the rise, lifting investor hopes

[CNBC] Covid live updates: Merck ends its vaccine development; Google offers its offices for vaccination sites

[MSN/WP] Pandemic aftershocks overwhelm global supply lines

[Bloomberg] Goldman Team Sees ‘Unsustainable Excess’ in Parts of U.S. Market

[Yahoo Finance] Goldman Sachs warns of a dangerous bubble in these 39 stocks

[CNBC] An ‘aggressive’ fight over containers is causing shipping costs to rocket by 300%

[Reuters] GameStop shares set to jump 50% in short-squeeze

[Axios] Xi Jinping warns against “new cold war” in Davos speech

[Reuters] Explainer: South China Sea tension flares again as Biden takes charge

[Reuters] Earth is losing ice faster today than in the mid-1990s, study suggests

[Bloomberg] Biden to Push Congress on Stimulus After Senators Question Cost

[Bloomberg] Roach: The Dollar’s Crash Is Only Just Beginning

[iNews] Climate change: Global ice melting accelerates in line with ‘worst-case’ scenarios

[Bloomberg] La Niña Roars, Unleashing Fire, Drought and Floods Worldwide

[WSJ] Covid-19 Bill Negotiations Offer First Test of Biden’s Bipartisanship Effort

[WSJ] Yellen Passed the Economic Stability Baton to Powell. Now, He’s Handing It Back.

[WSJ] New Coronavirus Variants Complicate the Battle Against the Pandemic

[WSJ] Bullish Stock Bets Explode as Major Indexes Repeatedly Set Records

[WSJ] A China With More Clout Awaits Biden at the WTO

[WSJ] China Overtakes U.S. as World’s Leading Destination for Foreign Direct Investment

[FT] Top hedge funds reap biggest gains in a decade during pandemic

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