Monday, July 6, 2020

Monday, July 6, 2020
Doug Noland Posted on July 5, 2020

[Reuters] Stocks rally to four-week highs as investors bet on China revival

[CNBC] Dow futures jump more than 350 points as Wall Street tries to build on winning week

[CNBC] Shanghai soars nearly 6%, leading gains in Asia as ‘bull sentiment’ drives markets

[Reuters] Dollar in narrow range, yen falls as stocks rise

[Reuters] Trump weighing executive orders on China, manufacturing, immigration, aide says

[CNBC] Coronavirus updates: Scientists call on WHO to recognize airborne threat; India’s cases surpass Russia’s

[Reuters] EU will stand firm against Washington over trade disputes, says commissioner

[The Hill] Americans leave large cities for suburban areas and rural towns

[Reuters] Asia’s equity valuations hit 10-1/2-year high in June

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Stokes a Stock-Market Mania, Risking Repeat of 2015 Bubble

[SCMP] China’s central bank calls on struggling companies to restructure debt outside courts

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Banks Are Grabbing All the Indian Bonds Foreigners Dump

[Reuters] U.S. Navy carriers conduct South China Sea drills as Chinese ships watch

[Bloomberg] The VIX Is Still Flashing Warnings for Stock Bulls on a Rampage

[Bloomberg] China Imposes Checks on Large Transactions After Bank Runs

[Bloomberg] Why the World Is Getting Angrier, and What That Says About the Economy

[NYT] China Dominates Medical Supplies, in This Outbreak and the Next

[WSJ] Behind Oil’s Rise Is a Historic Drop in U.S. Crude Output

[FT] Court challenge to ECB defused as Bundesbank signals bond buying plans

[FT] Turkey bans six banks from betting against local stocks

[FT] Hedge fund launches dry up in tough markets

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