Tariffs Scare Equities, Gold & Silver VS US Dollar | Golden Rule Radio

Golden Rule Radio • May 09 2019
Tariffs Scare Equities, Gold & Silver VS US Dollar | Golden Rule Radio
MPM Posted on May 9, 2019

Tariffs scare the equities markets as the Trade War talks begin to escalate again. We look at the the Federal Reserve’s announcement to leave rates once again unchanged. The Trump administration continues to pressure Powell for a rate cut, as Federal Reserve governors struggle to identify a pathway forward. We look at the purchasing power of gold & silver and how that purchasing power is preserved over time as the US Dollar continues to devalue. Thank you for listening to Golden Rule Radio if you enjoyed please subscribe for more.


Fed’s Clarida pushes back on Trump, Pence call for rate cuts because of low inflation 

Fed Leaders Try to Talk Up Inflation Without Stoking Rate Cut Expectations

Jay Powell battles with messaging at the Federal Reserve

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