Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thursday, August 1, 2019
Doug Noland Posted on July 31, 2019

[Reuters] Mind your backs, dollar coming through!

[CNBC] Chinese shares decline as data shows July manufacturing activity contracted

[Reuters] Oil drops on Fed outlook, ample supply

[Reuters] U.S., China to keep talking on trade after little progress in Shanghai

[CNBC] Economists who predicted the rate cut are now utterly confused about what the Fed does next

[CNBC] Goldman Sachs: One more rate cut and then the Fed is done

[Reuters] Gold demand leaps to 3-year high as prices surge – WGC

[Reuters] South Korea says remains wide apart over trade dispute with Japan: News1

[Reuters] Factory pain spreads through Asia, Europe; stimulus expected

[Reuters] BOJ’s deputy governor signals central bank may allow yields to fall more

[CNBC] Young people are putting off buying homes because of student loans

[Reuters] Pompeo reverts to China criticism after meeting top diplomat

[Reuters] China’s army garrison in Hong Kong releases video with ‘anti-riot’ scenes

[Bloomberg] Negative-Yielding Debt Hits Record $14 Trillion as Fed Cuts

[Bloomberg] Powell Suggests Fed Embarking on 1990s-Style Mini Easing Cycle

[Bloomberg] The ‘Collateral Damage’ of ECB’s QE Worries Top German Judges

[Bloomberg] China Bans Non-Patriotic TV Shows Ahead of 70th Anniversary

[WSJ] Fed’s Conundrum: Can Lower Rates Combat Investment Chill

[WSJ] U.S.-China Investments Continue to Decline

[WSJ] Tapping Homes for Cash to Get Tougher Under New FHA Limits

[FT] Jay Powell’s press conference swerves muddy outlook on US rates

[FT] Central banks make record $15.7bn gold purchases

[FT] Jay Powell fails to bend yield curve to his will

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