Thursday, February 3, 2022

Thursday, February 3, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on February 2, 2022

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Tumble on Earnings Shock; Euro Slides: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Meta’s shock share price drop shakes world tech

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Bid for Havens Fades as ECB, BOE Policy Decisions Loom

[Reuters] Oil prices take a breather, OPEC+ sticks to output plans

[AP] Shares of Facebook parent Meta plunge 23% on lower profits

[CNBC] Weekly jobless claims total 238,000, less than expected

[Reuters] U.S. job market faces reshuffling as workers quit at near record rates

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden Scours Globe to Send Europe Gas If Russia Hits Ukraine

[Reuters] Fed nominees say inflation is ‘grave threat,’ vow to fight

[AP] Europe’s central bank faces questions on curbing inflation

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB Sticks to Gradual Stimulus Exit as Bets on Hikes Build

[AP] Bank of England hikes interest rates again as prices surge

[Reuters] Bank of England poised to act under new inflation strain

[Reuters] Japan’s service sector shrinks at fastest pace in 5 months – PMI

[AP] Inflation in Turkey hits 20-year high of nearly 49%

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Turkey’s Real Rate at Minus 35% Deepens the Gloom for Lira

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] World Food Prices Are Climbing Closer Toward a Record High

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Coffee Drinkers Get Less Buzz for Their Buck as Chains Up Prices

[AP] Putin heads to China to bolster ties amid Ukraine tensions

[Reuters] NATO says Russia to have 30,000 troops on drills in Belarus, north of Ukraine

[NYT] January Jobs Report May Disappoint. It Is Sure to Perplex.

[WSJ] Rising Rates Squeeze Bond Funds

[WSJ] Growth Hedge Funds Suffer Worst Rout in Years

[FT] Fed faces choices as challenging as any since the 1970s

[FT] ECB sticks to ‘step-by-step’ plan to trim stimulus despite record inflation

[FT] Beijing Olympics: the new front line in the US-China cold war

[FT] BA.2 explained: the Omicron sub-variant outpacing its predecessor

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