Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thursday, June 27, 2019
Doug Noland Posted on June 26, 2019

[Reuters] Sino-U.S. trade truce hopes rekindle risk appetite

[CNBC] China is not budging ahead of Xi-Trump G-20 meeting

[CNBC] China’s Xi to present Trump with terms for settling trade deal: WSJ

[Reuters] U.S., China agree tentative trade truce ahead of G20 summit: SCMP

[Reuters] Trump-Xi trade meeting set for Saturday morning in Osaka: White House

[Reuters] China urges U.S. to lift sanctions on Huawei as Trump-Xi meeting looms

[Reuters] U.S. economy accelerated in first quarter, but momentum fading

[Reuters] President Trump says India’s recent tariff hike unacceptable

[CNBC] Earnings this year may end up flat and that’s a problem for investors lifting market to a record

[Reuters] Fresh protests rock Hong Kong as activists seek a voice at G20

[Reuters] Moody’s sees risk of Lebanon debt rescheduling despite budget

[Bloomberg] China Says Its Demands for a Trade Deal With the U.S. Haven’t Changed

[Bloomberg] China’s Central Bank Is Said to Push Banks to Curb Mortgages

[Bloomberg] Euro-Area Confidence Drops to Lowest Level in Nearly Three Years

[Bloomberg] Brazil’s central bank slashes 2019 GDP growth forecast, sees benign inflation

[NYT] U.S. Versus China: A New Era of Great Power Competition, but Without Boundaries

[WSJ] China to Insist U.S. Lifts Huawei Ban as Part of Trade Truce

[WSJ] Trump’s Most Powerful Weapon in the U.S.-China Trade Fight

[FT] China calls halt to surge in local government dollar bond sales

[FT] Reaching for yield: the reshaping of the EM corporate debt market

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