Thursday, March 17, 2022

Thursday, March 17, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on March 16, 2022

[Reuters] Russia warns United States: we have the might to put you in your place

[Reuters] Russia getting bogged down in Ukraine, Western nations say

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: Biden to Speak With China’s Xi About Russia

[Reuters] Ukrainian city of Mariupol searches for survivors amid rubble of theatre

[Reuters] Russia says air defence systems for Ukraine would destabilise situation

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Futures Drop as Treasuries Signal Growth Concern: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Advances as Investors Weigh Fed Rate Hike, Ukraine War

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Advances Above $100 With Market Gripped by Huge Volatility

[Reuters] Analysis: As liquidity dries up, oil braces for whiplash volatility

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Nickel Traders Awake to Fresh Mayhem as LME Glitches Again

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Housing Starts in U.S. Rebound to Fastest Pace Since Mid-2006

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russia’s Bond Payment Is in Limbo as Default Countdown Kicks Off

[Reuters] Bank of England raises rates to 0.75%, less sure about future moves

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Lagarde Stresses Flexibility as War Risks New Price Trends

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB’s Knot Doesn’t Rule Out Two Interest-Rate Hikes This Year

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Stocks Cap Best Two-Day Rally Since 1998 on Support Pledge

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Warnings Abound in Market Circles as Fed Error Bets Seen Rising

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Developer Stocks Surge After China Pledge: Evergrande Update

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Likely to Follow Up Easing Pledge With Concrete Steps

[Reuters] China should take more effective COVID measures, minimise economic, social impact -Xi

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Investors Need More Than Words to Find Faith in Markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Radio Silence on Russia Debt Payments Keeps Default Risk in Play

[Time] How China’s Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Could Upend the World Order

[Reuters] Analysis: U.S. gamble on China over Ukraine raises tensions with rival superpower

[Reuters] Justice Department accuses China of spying on, intimidating dissidents living in U.S.

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Massive Quake Shuts Plants and Sends Japan Power to 1-Year High

[Reuters] Thousands of northeast Japan homes still without power after earthquake kills four

[Reuters] Brazil central bank raises rates by 100 bps, signals same in May

[Reuters] UK very disappointed with India’s stance on Ukraine – trade minister

[Reuters] WHO says global rise in COVID cases is ‘tip of the iceberg’

[Bloomberg] Tesla Halts Bond Sale Backed by Auto Leases Amid Market Turmoil

[WSJ] Bond Market Delivers Mixed Verdict on Fed Rate Forecasts

[WSJ] Homes Earned More for Owners Than Their Jobs Last Year

[WSJ] China’s Housing Market Needs More Than Talk From Beijing

[FT] Jay Powell channels his inner Paul Volcker with tough stance on US inflation

[FT] China Inc unconvinced Xi Jinping’s regulatory storm is over

[FT] Insurance industry braces for soaring payouts from war in Ukraine

[FT] India studies ‘rupee-rouble’ exchange scheme to beat Russia sanctions

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