Thursday, November 11, 2021

Thursday, November 11, 2021
Doug Noland Posted on November 10, 2021

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Up With Inflation in Focus: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Gold gains favour as investors seek cover from rising inflation

[Reuters] Oil extends losses triggered by U.S. inflation fears

[Reuters] Asian stocks slump, dollar shines as inflation fears flare

[Reuters] Dollar soars to 16-month high after U.S. inflation surge

[Reuters] Fed’s ‘transitory’ inflation plot thickens again with rate at 30-year high

[Reuters] Manchin may delay Biden social legislation until 2022 on inflation worries -Axios

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Cargill Labor Dispute May Heat Up an Already Hot Beef Market

[AP] Explainer: Why US inflation is so high, and when it may ease

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China State Media Stoke Speculation Property Crackdown May Ease

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Evergrande Set to Avoid Default After Paying Overdue Interest

[Reuters] Evergrande dodges default again; property sector debt concerns linger

[Reuters] Japan’s wholesale inflation hits 40-year high as fuel costs spike

[AP] Chinese leaders issue official history to elevate Xi

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Latin America Set for New Wave of Rate Hikes: Decision Day Guide

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Belarus Leader Threatens to Shut EU Gas Flow in Border Spat

[Reuters] Belarus leader says he needs Russian nuclear-capable bombers to navigate border crisis

[NYT] Fastest Inflation in 31 Years Puts More Heat on Washington

[WSJ] Broad Selloff Signals Inflation Fears Are Warming

[WSJ] Homes Now Typically Sell in a Week, Forcing Buyers to Take Risks

[WSJ] China’s Plan to Manage Evergrande: Take It Apart, Slowly

[WSJ] Chinese Developers Rally on Policy Hopes as Evergrande Again Averts Default

[FT] Biden’s White House scrambles to tame soaring US inflation

[FT] El-Erian: The Fed’s inflation miscalculations risk hurting the poor

[FT] Bond ructions intensify risk of ‘downward spiral’ for Chinese property groups

[FT] Chinese developer Kaisa downgraded as crucial payment deadlines near

[FT] Chinese Communist party clears way for Xi to tighten grip on power

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