Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Tuesday, April 21, 2020
Doug Noland Posted on April 20, 2020

[Reuters] Stocks slide as sub-zero U.S. crude adds to pandemic jitters

[CNBC] Oil continues unprecedented sell-off: June futures drop 20%, May contract still has a negative price

[Reuters] Dollar resumes ascent as oil and North Korea keep investors on edge

[Reuters] Oil slump wreaks havoc in Gulf markets, Saudi riyal under pressure

[Reuters] Trump to consider halting Saudi oil imports, says U.S. has ‘plenty’

[Reuters] Senate moves toward possible Tuesday coronavirus vote, Pelosi sees deal ‘on principles’

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] The Fed Is Buying $41 Billion of Assets Daily and It’s Not Alone

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Coca-Cola takes a hit, proposed testing plan could cost $100 billion

[Reuters] Domestic air travel down 70%, recovery likely to be slow: IATA

[Reuters] Explainer: What is a negative crude future and does it mean anything for consumers?

[CNBC] These markets could see the sharpest drop in home prices during coronavirus pandemic

[Bloomberg] U.S. Debt to Surge Past Wartime Record, Deficit to Quadruple

[Bloomberg] Italy Needs EU Help to Escape Junk Rating, Goldman Sachs Says

[Bloomberg] Swiss Gold Exports to U.S. Jump to at Least Eight-Year High

[Bloomberg] Gold to Reach $3,000—50% Above Its Record, Bank of America Says

[Bloomberg] BOJ Warns Banks Face Rising Credit Costs, Investment Losses

[Bloomberg] Korean Exotic Notes Get Wiped Out With Oil’s Plunge Below Zero

[WSJ] Companies Warn of Dire Disruptions From Coronavirus

[WSJ] Fannie, Freddie May Soon Buy Home Loans in Forbearance to Help Mortgage Firms

[FT] Italy’s Conte prepares for toxic choice on eurozone rescue fund

[FT] Emerging market debt burdens may be sorely understated

[FT] What negative US oil prices mean for the industry

[FT] Sub-zero oil prices threaten big losses for ETF investors

[FT] Singapore scandal rocks commodity traders and their lenders

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