Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Tuesday, March 8, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on March 7, 2022

[AP] People flee embattled Ukraine city, supplies head to another

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden Set to Ban U.S. Import of Russian Oil as Soon as Today

[Reuters] Russia warns on oil import ban as little progress is made at Ukraine talks

[Reuters] Russia calls for return to ‘peaceful co-existence’ with U.S. like during Cold War -Interfax

[CBS] U.S. working with Poland on deal to send fighter jets to Ukraine

[Reuters] UK says it will back Poland if decides to send jets to Ukraine

[AP] Explainer: What would happen if the US banned Russian oil?

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: Russia’s Gas Threat; Cease-Fire Talks Struggle

[CNBC] Crude oil jumps on report U.S. to ban Russian oil imports

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Mixed as U.S. Nears Russia Oil-Import Ban: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russian Threat to Cut Gas Sends European Market Into Frenzy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wheat Reaches Record, Surpassing Peak From Global Food Crisis

[Reuters] LME suspends nickel trading, cancels trades, after prices double to over $100,000

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Historic Commodity Rally Sends Trading Houses Hunting for Credit

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Hedge Funds Rush for Exit as ‘Volatility of Everything’ Surges

[Reuters] U.S., Canada motorists weigh cuts to spending as gas prices surge to record

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Construction Bank Gets Reprieve on Metal Margin Calls

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Asks Banks to Report Derivatives Risk as Markets Reel

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Sees Record Bond-Market Retreat by Foreign Investors

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] EU to Consider Massive Joint Bond Sales to Fund Energy, Defense

[Reuters] Carmakers face soaring metal costs with Russian supplies at risk

[Reuters] Remorseful Shell abandons Russian oil

[Reuters] Russia says it understands North Korea’s move to renew missile launches -RIA

[Reuters] ‘Tough 24 hours ahead’ as rains drench Sydney, forcing snap evacuations

[Reuters] Hong Kong reports over 43,000 new COVID cases after new reporting system launched

[Reuters] COVID-19 can cause brain shrinkage, memory loss – study

[Bloomberg] China Considers Buying Stakes in Russian Energy, Commodity Firms

[Bloomberg] Chinese Tycoon Behind Big Nickel Short Faces Billions in Losses

[Bloomberg] Zoltan Pozsar on the Great Commodities Collateral Crunch in Funding Markets

[Bloomberg] China Considers Buying Stakes in Russian Energy, Commodity Firms

[NYT] As Russia’s Military Stumbles, Its Adversaries Take Note

[WSJ] Banks in Europe Take Brunt of Market Selloff

[WSJ] Ukraine Conflict Triggers China’s Food Insecurities

[FT] Wheat and nickel prices hit records as assault on Ukraine cities intensifies

[FT] ‘Brutal’ selling in speculative tech stocks knocks Tiger Cub hedge funds

[FT] Russia’s banks turn from global ambitions to survival

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