Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Wednesday, March 2, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on March 1, 2022

[AP] As Russia batters Ukraine, both sides ready for more talks

[Reuters] Biden rallies Congress behind Ukraine, says Putin has ‘no idea what’s coming’

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden Says ‘Dictator’ Putin Will Pay High Price: Ukraine Update

[Reuters] G7 will seek to seize assets of key Russian elites -Yellen

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Futures Rise With European Stocks as Oil Tops $110: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Russian rouble plunges to new low in Moscow, stays even weaker abroad

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Europe Gas Rises 60% With Traders Backing Away From Russia Deals

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Commodities Hit New Highs as Traders Shun Russian Purchases

[Reuters] Aluminum and Nickel Surge on Russia Risk as Stocks Shrink Again

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wheat Soars to 14-Year High as Russia Invasion Chokes Trade

[Reuters] Stocks make small gains but Ukraine crisis keeps investors cautious

[CNBC] Fed Chair Powell notes ‘highly uncertain’ Ukraine impact, but says rate hikes are still coming

[Reuters] Fed’s policy pivot on track despite ‘uncertain’ impact of Ukraine war, Powell says

[Yahoo Finance] Private payrolls rose by 475,000 in February, topping expectations: ADP

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russian Markets Break Down With Cash Frozen at the Border

[Reuters] Global banks eschew risk as they navigate Russia sanctions quagmire

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Taiwan Dollar Turns Proxy for Spillover Ukraine Risks in Asia

[Reuters] U.S. closes its airspace to Russia as Ukrainian cities brace for attacks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Rate-Hike Bets Are Unwinding and Taking Bond Yields With Them

[Reuters] Russia’s top bank quits Europe due to sanctions

[Reuters] China will not join sanctions on Russia, banking regulator says

[Reuters] Russia May Own $140 Billion Worth of Chinese Bonds, ANZ Says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Euro-Area Inflation Hits Record as War Risks More Price Pressure

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Moves to Secure Commodities Rocked by Ukraine War

[AP] Peace in Taiwan Strait a global concern, says Mullen

[Reuters] U.S. stands firm behind commitment to Taiwan, delegation says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Did Xi Jinping Get Played by Putin on Ukraine?

[Reuters] Australia evacuates tens of thousands as heavy rains threaten Sydney

[WSJ] Russia Targets Ukrainian Civilian Areas in Shift to Demoralize Resistance

[WSJ] Biden Faces Pressure to Target Russia’s Energy Sector

[WSJ] Powell Says Fed Is on Track to Raise Rates in Two Weeks

[WSJ] California Drought Grows Dire Again After Two Record Dry Months

[Free FT] Xi unlikely to ditch his ‘best friend’ Putin despite Ukraine pressure

[FT] War in Ukraine: when political risks upturn commodity markets

[FT] Investors can no longer afford to ignore geopolitical risk

[FT] First bank to fail because of new Russia sanctions is Austrian unit of Sberbank

[FT] Chinese people stranded in Kyiv become target of Ukrainian anger

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