Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Wednesday, March 23, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on March 22, 2022

[Reuters] Russia bombs Ukraine cities as Biden heads to Europe

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: Putin Adviser Quits as Scholz Warns of More Pain

[Reuters] Ukraine says ‘confrontational’ Russia talks moving ahead as West plans more sanctions

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Halt Rally as Bonds Stem Record Losses: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Oil rises in volatile trade amid CPC pipeline disruption

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Nickel’s Wild Moves Continue as LME Futures Jump by 15% Limit

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] This Is Now The Worst Drawdown on Record for Global Fixed Income

[CNBC] Mortgage refinance demand plunges 14%, as interest rates spike higher

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Set for $150 on Supply Shock, Says Veteran Trader Doug King

[Reuters] Sanctions delay payments to Russian corporate Eurobond holders

[Reuters] Wall Street bonus jumps 20% in 2021 – NY state comptroller

[Reuters] Kaisa becomes latest China developer to delay earnings results; shares slide

[Reuters] China’s Shanghai reports nearly 1,000 local COVID infections

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Traders Sleep in Offices to Work Amid Shanghai Lockdowns

[Reuters] Chinese steelmaking hub Tangshan enters lockdown as COVID cases rise

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Faces Worst Crop Conditions Ever Due to Climate Change

[Reuters] As sanctions bite Russia, fertilizer shortage imperils world food supply

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Japan Power Crisis Was a Decade in Making and Won’t Go Away

[Bloomberg] Putin Wants Hostile States to Pay Rubles for Russian Gas

[Bloomberg] Unchecked Power of Senior Bankers Is Exposed by China Crackdown

[Bloomberg] U.S. to Hold Largest Military Drill in Decades With Philippines

[WSJ] Oil Price Rise ‘Trickles Down to Everything,’ Even Your Potato Salad to Go

[WSJ] China Grapples With How to Handle All the Mild Covid Cases

[FT] Evergrande bondholders threaten to sue after being blindsided by $2bn claim

[FT] Rate rise threatens Australia’s booming housing market

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