Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Wednesday, March 9, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on March 8, 2022

[Reuters] Scant progress evacuating Ukrainian civilians

[AP] Suffering goes on in encircled Mariupol as evacuation fails

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: Zelenskiy Says Evacuations Underway Near Kyiv

[Reuters] Any decision on jets for Ukraine must be taken by all NATO, Polish PM says

[Reuters] Ukraine warns of radiation leak risk after power cut at occupied Chernobyl plant

[Reuters] Kremlin tells United States to await response to “economic war”

[The Hill] Kremlin: US has declared ‘economic war’ against Russia

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Retreats Amid Huge Volatility After Russia Import Bans

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Futures Buoyed by Dip Buying; Oil Loses Steam: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Gold, palladium retreat from highs as risky assets stabilize

[Reuters] Banks, autos drive rebound in European stocks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed’s Biggest-Ever Bond-Buying Binge Is Drawing to a Close

[Reuters] Chinese firms that aid Russia may be cut off from U.S. equipment -commerce secretary

[Reuters] U.S. shale shortages to limit efforts to replace banned Russian oil

[USAT] US officials put Americans on alert for Russian cyberattacks as Ukraine war grows

[MSN/WP] A new iron curtain descends on Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Goldman Says China to Miss Growth Target on Oil Shock and Covid

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Nickel Miner With Tsingshan Ties Sinks 23% Before Trading Paused

[AP] Ukraine bans exports of wheat, oats and other food staples

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] European Fertilizer Output Cuts Pose Risks for Food Prices

[Reuters] Food crisis grows as spiralling prices spark export bans

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] The World’s Next Food Emergency Is Here as War Compounds Hunger Crisis

[Reuters] China blames NATO for pushing Russia-Ukraine tension to ‘breaking point’

[CNBC] China watches warily as Ukraine makes U.S., EU and Japan strengthen their alliance

[Reuters] Shanghai steps up defences against wave of asymptomatic COVID cases

[Reuters] Australia declares east coast floods a national emergency

[NYT] Loss of Russian Oil Leaves a Void Not Easily Filled, Straining Market

[NYT] Empty Stores and an Exodus: Hong Kong’s Covid Crackdown Stirs Panic

[FT] Traders raise bets on US inflation as commodity prices surge

[FT] What does banning Russian oil mean for global energy markets?

[FT] ECB pursues flexibility as divisions deepen over Ukraine crisis

[FT] Military briefing: Russian invaders exposed to guerrilla attacks

[FT] The secret US mission to bolster Ukraine’s cyber-defences ahead of invasion

[FT] Ukraine war likely to influence China on Taiwan, US intelligence chiefs say

[FT] Beijing takes ‘war lessons’ from Russia’s military tactics in Ukraine

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