Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on September 21, 2022

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Head Higher on Fed Day; Haven Bid Lingers: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Dollar sails at two-decade high as Putin rattles markets before Fed

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Euro Sinks, Bonds Gain as Traders Weigh Putin Threats Before Fed

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Jumps After Putin Orders Partial Mobilization of Troops

[AP] Putin sets partial military call-up, won’t ‘bluff’ on nukes

[Reuters] Putin accuses West of ‘nuclear blackmail’, mobilises more troops for Ukraine

[CNBC] Here’s everything the Federal Reserve is expected to do today

[AP] High inflation in sight, Fed to signal more rate hikes ahead

[Reuters] Fed set for big rate hike as waters get choppy for world’s central banks

[Reuters] U.S. mortgage interest rates reach 6.25%, highest level since October 2008

[CNBC] Mortgage demand rises for the first time in six weeks, despite sharply higher interest rates

[Reuters] U.S. rents surge, leaving behind generation of younger workers

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Putin’s Moves Are ‘Signs of Weakness,’ US Says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Europe’s Deepening Energy Crisis Pushes Bill to $500 Billion

[Reuters] Europe burns cash to help businesses in deepening energy crisis

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Central Bank Signals It Has Policy Space to Ease

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Loses Allure as European Firms Rethink Investments

[Reuters] Australia’s central bank has equity wiped out by billions in bond losses

[Bloomberg] A $29 Billion Derivatives Market Faces Squeeze in Japan

[Bloomberg] Japan Bonds Face Liquidity Stress as BOJ Walks Lonely Rates Path

[NYT] What Comes Next in the Fed’s Fight Against Inflation?

[WSJ] Electric-Car Demand Pushes Lithium Prices to Records

[FT] Why Vladimir Putin is raising the stakes in Ukraine war

[FT] Soaring US ‘real yields’ pose fresh threat to stocks on Wall Street

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