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Weekly Commentary • Oct 26 2022
Buy The Dip? Not So Fast

The bear in 3 acts, we’re in act 1 Average bear market loses 38% in 318 days Would you “buy the dip” in Russia in 1917? Buy The Dip? Not So [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Oct 26, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Oct 19 2022
China’s “New Era” Is Old Totalitarianism

China arrests 1.4 million since June Japanese Central Bank is losing control Is Putin the new Prince Vlad? Hardly China’s “New Era” Is Old [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Oct 19, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Oct 12 2022
QE or NOT QT? That is the Question

Brits reversal: 100 billion in “NOT QE” Biden scolded by Macron for his flippancy on nuclear threat No Bid Markets: What if there were really NO buyers? QE [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Oct 12, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Oct 05 2022
GILTy? Bank of England’s Big Pivot

Bank of England shifts from QT to QE Sweden & Finland measured 2 explosions on Nord Stream Pipeline – Sabotage? Would China actually, purposefully [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Oct 5, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Sep 28 2022
Pound Collapse: “I just can’t wait to be King”

Desperate Putin keeps talking about Nukes Safe Money? 10-year Treasury down 15% YoY Dollar, at 20 year high, is choking the world Pound Collapse: “I Just [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Sep 28, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Sep 21 2022
Hoping For A Less Worse Tragedy

German Producer Price Inflation up 45% World Bank warns of devastating recession if rates go too high 30 Year Treasury purchased in 2020 now down 40% Hoping [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Sep 21, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Sep 14 2022
Andrew Smithers: Lookout! Bad Models Equal Bad Outcomes

Efficient Market Hypothesis is just wrong A crash worse than 2008? A new, better, testable, economic model Andrew Smithers: Look Out! Bad Models Equal Bad [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Sep 14, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Sep 07 2022
From Russia With Love: Europe’s Energy Catastrophe

UK faces 18% inflation You can’t fix inflation harm with deflation Choose your executioner, Greek or Italian From Russia With Love: Europe’s Energy [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Sep 7, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Aug 30 2022
The Dollar Is Temporarily The Best Horse (In The Glue Factory)

Jay Powell punches the market in the face European energy costs could rise 10-fold this winter Gold up 20% in Yen for the year   The Dollar Is Temporarily [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Aug 30, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Aug 23 2022
China Gobbles Up 80 Tons Of Gold

Germany shocked by 37.2% producer price explosion John Taylor “We have inflation all over the place” Iran stockpiles 3800 kgs of enriched weapons [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Aug 23, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Aug 17 2022
Everything Rally is Awesome…or maybe Not

Market surge creates a Catch-22 for wannabe Bulls Wages rise, but not enough to keep up with inflation China shocks with interest rate cut, hoping to delay a [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Aug 17, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Aug 10 2022
The Need For Risk Control In A Schizophrenic Market

Fed says it will stop telling the markets its next move Quick rally in stocks doesn’t change long term bear trend Biden “given” really good [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Aug 10, 2022
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