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Our Investment Philosophy

It is our goal to provide a disciplined approach to investment management. Our investment philosophy is based upon sound, time-tested values and investment strategies that are able to adapt to a variety of market environments, while taking into account social trends, long-term cycles, along with your own lifestyle and financial needs. Our clients have become accustomed to viewing the fluctuations in the market as an opportunity rather than a threat.

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Leadership Team

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David S. McAlvany

CEO & MAPS Portfolio Manager
TS Co-Manager

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Doug Noland

Tactical Short Manager
MAPS Market Strategist

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Robert Draper

MAPS Client Portfolio Manager
Compliance Officer

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Don McAlvany


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Philip Wortman


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Morgan Lewis

Equity Analyst Investment Strategist

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McAlvany Wealth Management, LLC

Is an SEC-registered investment advisor located in Durango, Colorado. Through its client focused, customized approach, MWM is committed to providing independent, well-researched, objective advice, and investment professionalism.

The MWM client commitment is to preserve capital, manage risk, and grow your assets in an ever-changing global environment.

The Benefits Of Our Investment Thesis

We offer the advantage of agility, unencumbered by layers of management. We are free to make timely decisions and focus entirely on our investment process. Our constant examination of global economic, monetary and political conditions reveals powerful long-term investment themes. From this vantage point, through unbiased research, we then determine the appropriate investment mediums that will most likely profit from the current trends.

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