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Don McAlvany goes to Wall Street to work for a New York Stock Exchange Firm. Seeing the shift towards instability in the traditional investment markets as a result of Johnson-era fiscal and monetary policies, Don becomes interested in gold ownership as a means of safeguarding savings.


Don & his wife Molly begin selling two-ounce gold bullion medallions to investors. “Our company started helping people fight off the coming inflation and devaluation because we saw these things coming, and we were selling solid gold religious medallions, which were the only legal way to buy gold bullion until January 1, 1975.” – Don

The McAlvany’s create ICA (International Collectors Associates), the original name for McAlvany Precious Metals, giving them a first-mover advantage in the market as a wholesale provider of bullion products to Wall Street firms.

Don becomes sales manager for International Investors, the largest gold share mutual fund in the world at the time. He develops and distributes the product for John Van Eck from 1973 to 1979, while Molly builds America’s first bullion business.


Working with Howard Segermark and Senator Jesse Helms, Don and a small group of industry peers fought to relegalize private gold ownership. (1933-1975 provisions of the Trading with the Enemy Act prohibited ownership)


Gold ownership is legalized on January 1, 1975.


Don starts the foundation Americans Concerned about South Africa, writing a monthly newsletter which began as the South African Intelligence Digest, then changed its name to the Gold and Monetary Report before the 1981 rebrand as MIA, the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor.

1976 - 1988

Coordinated 13 high level investor conferences to South Africa, exploring the cultural, political, and geostrategic significance of the worlds largest gold and strategic minerals producer.


ICA transitions from wholesale bullion market maker for Wall Street firms to including retail client services.


Tax laws shift allowing physical metals in retirement accounts (IRA’s) and ICA pioneers the physical metals IRA.


The business extends into a second generation.


David McAlvany becomes CEO of McAlvany Precious Metals (ICA).


David creates the McAlvany Weekly Commentary, one of the longest-running and most successful geopolitical & monetary podcasts online.

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David creates McAlvany Wealth Management, a full-service SEC-registered investment advisor.

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David writes The Intentional Legacy. Drawing from more than fifty years of experience in a multigenerational wealth management firm and his own personal failures and successes, David presents a strategy for reverse engineering your life. Most importantly, he offers a redemptive ethic for family prosperity based on love, forgiveness, and non-contingent relationships.

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David creates Vaulted. Vaulted is a mobile platform and app that allows investors to purchase physical gold. The gold is real and stored at the Royal Canadian Mint, or you can take physical delivery right to your home.

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The McAlvany Financial Group celebrates 50 years of business, providing clients with the best investment solutions to help them prepare and protect their savings. Don’s philosophy remains to this day, to educate, protect, and support.

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We manage your individual portfolio uniquely, advising you on the strategy that best fits your needs. Our strategic approach keeps you out of dead-end investments and helps you maximize your potential for increasing ounces through premium and ratio trading. We work closely with each client, designing your tailored metals portfolio, and notifying you of the ideal time to buy, trade, or sell.

Fully Managed Precious Metals Investment Solutions

We offer COMEX & NYMEX approved forms of physical gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium coins and bars as well as numismatics. Personally managed accounts utilizing exclusive investment strategies. Wealth management options for qualified clients, offering total portfolio management. Private purchases and domestic delivery to anywhere in the United States. Retirement accounts. Domestic & International storage options.

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