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Golden Rule Radio • Nov 10 2022
Gold Price Jumps Up As USDX Drops

Gold pushed back up into the $1750s this week as USDX dropped sharply Thursday. We will review the price movements of gold, silver, and platinum and outline [...]

MPM Posted on Nov 10, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Nov 09 2022
Central Banks Purchase Record 400 Tons of Gold

Powell pops the pivot presumption Midterms & CPI numbers this week Will the dollar fall & gold rise? Technicals are hinting yes Central Banks Purchase [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Nov 9, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Nov 03 2022
Fed Raises Rates & Isn’t Stopping Anytime Soon…

Powell raised interest rates again and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon, as the market expectations shifted Wednesday afternoon. We will cover [...]

MPM Posted on Nov 3, 2022
Precious Metals • Nov 02 2022
The Benefits of Storage For Your Precious Metals

Precious metals represent a safe haven for investment portfolios in uncertain times. They safeguard against reckless economic policies and an ever-devaluing [...]

MPM Posted on Nov 2, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Nov 02 2022
Xi Whiz – China’s Getting Scary

Country Garden now paying 118% on its debt Equities spike up in dangerous bear market rally When does the shoe drop on the real estate market? Xi Whiz – [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Nov 2, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Oct 27 2022
Gold Nearing A Reversal Point?

Is gold nearing a reversal point? Gold has reached its first key level, and the next move from here could indicate long-term trends for the metal in the months [...]

MPM Posted on Oct 27, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Oct 26 2022
Buy The Dip? Not So Fast

The bear in 3 acts, we’re in act 1 Average bear market loses 38% in 318 days Would you “buy the dip” in Russia in 1917? Buy The Dip? Not So [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Oct 26, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Oct 20 2022
Gold’s Long Term Movement And Trends

Gold’s long-term movement amid short-term trends will be the focus of today’s precious metals market update. We will also look closely at silver [...]

MPM Posted on Oct 20, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Oct 19 2022
China’s “New Era” Is Old Totalitarianism

China arrests 1.4 million since June Japanese Central Bank is losing control Is Putin the new Prince Vlad? Hardly China’s “New Era” Is Old [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Oct 19, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Oct 13 2022
Market Update: The Bigger Picture At Play

This week we look at the bigger picture at play in the markets. With geopolitical and fundamental issues taking the forefront, will the metals react to current [...]

MPM Posted on Oct 13, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Oct 12 2022
QE or NOT QT? That is the Question

Brits reversal: 100 billion in “NOT QE” Biden scolded by Macron for his flippancy on nuclear threat No Bid Markets: What if there were really NO buyers? QE [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Oct 12, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Oct 06 2022
Gold & The Dollar: Are We At An Inflection Point?

After a bouncy week in all markets, we focus on what is ahead for the precious metals sector. Gold saw a large bounce against the US Dollar as all eyes focused [...]

MPM Posted on Oct 6, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Oct 05 2022
GILTy? Bank of England’s Big Pivot

Bank of England shifts from QT to QE Sweden & Finland measured 2 explosions on Nord Stream Pipeline – Sabotage? Would China actually, purposefully [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Oct 5, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 29 2022
Gold, Silver, US Dollar Markets On The Move

This week we discuss the slight drop in the dollar, gold moving slightly upward, the equities continuing their downside movement, and the international [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 29, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Sep 28 2022
Pound Collapse: “I just can’t wait to be King”

Desperate Putin keeps talking about Nukes Safe Money? 10-year Treasury down 15% YoY Dollar, at 20 year high, is choking the world Pound Collapse: “I Just [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Sep 28, 2022
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