Investing In A
Physical Gold IRA

A gold IRA offers investors stability and protection that can’t be found anywhere else. Learn how to add gold to your IRA.

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Protect your retirement and secure your hard earned savings.

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Diversify your retirement with a gold IRA

Protect your savings with an IRA backed in precious metals.

  • Gold has no counter-party risk unlike stocks and has withstood the test of time as a reliable investment.
  • A gold IRA is one of the most tax-efficient options available for investors and savers.
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6 Advantages Of Having
Precious Metals In Your IRA

Physical Asset

Gold is a tangible asset that retains value. It does not represent a paper promise to pay, like a bond.

Strategic & Self Directed

You can use many compounding ounce strategies and hold a variety of metals. No transactions can occur unless you direct them.

Easy to Sell or Trade

Should you choose to sell or need extra money, precious metals have high liquidity and can be easily sold.

Protection from Inflation or Economic Turmoil

Precious metals retain value. When inflation devalues paper currency, the purchasing power of gold and silver remains steady.

Insurance Against the Unknown

Allocated precious metals are like an insurance policy for your portfolio, increasing peace of mind.

Tax-Deferment Options

There is large profit potential in gold and silver, due to the current economic climate. Significant gains within an IRA allow you to defer taxes on those gains.

How Do Precious Metals Help
Balance Your Portfolio?

Prudent Investors and Savers Continue to Move Out of Paper Financial Assets and Into Gold

Gold is a Hedge

The same $1,000 invested in a portfolio of 75% stocks and 25% gold 50 years ago, rebalanced annually to the same 75/25 ratio, would be worth more than $125,000..

  • Gold protects your portfolio from major market risks
  • Gold holds its purchasing power
  • Gold counters currency devaluation

Gold protects your portfolio

Gold has historically performed extremely well during times of market instability.

  • Dow – down 20%
  • Bonds – up 14%
  • Gold – up 155%
  • If you held all 3 – 59%

Gold Secures Your Retirement

Gold historically counters currency devaluation and aggressive stock market drops—with gold prices rising faster than anything else in such periods.

  • Gold is time-tested
  • Gold allows you to be your own bank
  • Gold provides financial freedom
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Frequently Asked

What kind of precious metals can I add to my IRA?

American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian and Austrian gold coins, COMEX/NYMEX approved bars and rounds, and American Eagle Gold Proof Coins. (We often recommend Proofs as a way to hold a collectible type of coin in an IRA).

American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Mexican Libertads, COMEX approved bars and rounds.

American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Isle of Man Noble coins, NYMEX approved bars and rounds.

Bars and rounds.

Can I take custody of my IRA assets?

All IRA assets MUST remain within the custody of a Trustee of the IRA. You may take a distribution of your assets in your IRA, which is a taxable event reported to the IRS.

What is a self-directed IRA?

A self-directed IRA is exactly like any other IRA, with one major difference. YOU get to choose where your IRA funds will be invested, rather than just accepting whatever the IRA Trustee or Custodian offers.

How do I move my existing IRA to a new custodian so I can fund it with precious metals?

Money in an existing IRA can be moved to the new custodian by either transfer or rollover. A transfer does not require IRS reporting, and there are no restrictions on how often you can transfer funds.

Can I contribute bullion or coins I already own into a self-directed IRA?

No. All new contributions must be made in cash, but transfers and rollovers are allowed.

What annual fees are associated with a precious metals IRA?

There are two annual fees; a custodial fee and a metals storage fee. Call your ICA Advisor for the current fee structure.

When I qualify for a distribution, may I receive the coins instead of a check?

Yes, distributions “in-kind” are permitted; however, you will have to pay shipping in the case of delivery as well as ordinary income tax for the year in which they were received.

How safe are my physical precious metals when stored in an IRA?

The trustees we partner with are proven, trusted, and COMEX approved. The metals are insured and remain locked in the safest possible environment, and every one of your ounces is allocated.

Can I sell my precious metals in the future and transfer or rollover the proceeds into another type of IRA?

Yes. At some point in the future, you may choose to take profits on your precious metals holdings and transfer them into stocks, bonds, CDs or any other type of investment that is allowed in IRAs.