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MS60 Danish 20 Kronor Mermaid Gold Coin

The Danish 20 kroner mermaid coin consists of .900 (90%) fine gold. They are extremely well-made, scarce, and an excellent way to anchor your portfolio.

Are Danish 20 Kronor mermaid gold coins a good investment?

Learn more about the value and history of this rare and beautiful historic coin.

The Story
The Danish Mermaid of Mystery

The Danish 20 kroner mermaid is a coin consisting of .900 (90%) fine gold that weighs .2593 oz. It was minted from 1873 to 1900. The portrait on its obverse (front) side is that of Christian IX, King of Denmark from 1863 to 1906. 

Interestingly given the nickname, the coin does not feature a mermaid at all. Rather, the reverse side of the coin features the woman who personifies Denmark—Dania. Her name is the Latin word for Denmark, and is drawn from the Germanic tribe known as the Dani that inhabited the region from roughly 500 BC to 1000 AD. Dani has feet like any other landlubbing woman, but a dolphin at her feet can be casually mistaken for a mermaid’s tail.

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The History
A New System, a New Coin

Denmark changed to the decimal system in 1873, at which time it also instituted a decimal-based currency. The old system featured the ore, the new one, the kroner. One krone was established as equal to 100 ore. The new gold kroner coins were minted in two denominations, the 10 and 20 kroner. Sweden made a similar change the same year. Its new gold coin was the same size and weight as the Danish 20 kroner.

The Design
Symbols of a Proud and Sovereign Nation

King Christian IX

The obverse of the coin features the King’s right profile. The words “CHRISTIAN IX—KONGE AF DANMARK” are stamped inside the edge of the coin around the top and sides. At the bottom are stamped the date of mintage and the initials “CS.” The initials refer to Christian Svendsen, who was then the Coin Master at the Copenhagen mint. The initials “HC” are stamped into the base of the king’s neck, and stand for Harald Conradsen, the engraver.

Dania—The Personification of Denmark

As described above, the reverse side of the gold coin features Dania, who personifies the nation. Her right hands holds a scepter, her left arm rests on a shield with the Danish coat of arms on it. The dolphin swimming at her feet symbolizes Denmark’s proximity to and affinity for the sea, while the corn behind her seat represents Denmark’s agrarian economy of the time. The words “20 KRONER” are stamped inside the top edge of the coin.

Design Updates
Related to the Coronation of New Kings

Though Danish 20 kroner coins were minted from 1873 to 1917 and featured three successive rulers of Denmark—Christian IX, Frederik VIII, and Christian X—there were no design updates during the period of time when the mermaid coins of Christian IX’s reign were minted.

As An Investment
First-order Coins from the Golden Age of Europe

Mermaid coins are extremely well made, beautiful, scarce, and valuable. They are an excellent way to anchor your portfolio in the safe harbor of precious metals—just as the Little Mermaid statue now graces and enriches the harbor at Copenhagen. Given the scarcity of mermaid coins, they are not always available, so do not delay. Buy the appropriate amount for your portfolio whenever price and availability allow.

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