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Weekly Commentary
Golden Rule Radio
McAlvany Recap • Apr 22 2024
Are Cryptocurrencies as Good as Gold?
Pete Rose was one of the best baseball players of his generation. He was also respected as a manager. It wasn’t till he bet on games that he became [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Apr 19 2024
Gold & Silver Strong As Safe Haven Buying Continues
This week we discuss the price movements of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and the US Dollar index. Gold with a strong breakout move above previous [...]
Weekly Commentary • Apr 17 2024
Executive (Insiders) Unloading Their Own Stocks
Insider Equity Selling 50/1 Over Buying BOA “We Cannot Allow The Markets To Determine Interest Rates” Private Equity Nightmare: 28,000 Unsold [...]
McAlvany Recap • Apr 15 2024
Is the Trend Your Friend?
Is the Trend Your Friend? Trend following is such a strong inclination that many people will stick with it right into the teeth of destruction. They believe [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Apr 12 2024
Gold & Precious Metals Stand Strong
This week we look at the current changes in the precious metals market. Gold sees another big run up, while silver, platinum, and palladium also up two to [...]
Weekly Commentary • Apr 10 2024
The Fourth Turning Is Here: Neil Howe
Mania bubbles happen In 3rd Turnings, War In 4th Turnings Why Do Large Scale Disasters Such As WWII Produce Mentally Healthy Generations? Inflation Is Always [...]
McAlvany Recap • Apr 08 2024
When the Standard is the Problem
We mentioned a problem last week that develops when nations become overly centralized: “In an overly centralized system, people become not independently [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Apr 04 2024
Gold & Silver’s Impressive Quarter: Beyond the Record Numbers
In this week’s episode of Golden Rule Radio, we dive into the unprecedented quarterly performance of gold and silver, revealing insights that every investor [...]
Weekly Commentary • Apr 03 2024
Gold Rises, Dollar Rises, What That Means
Three Iranian Generals Dead In Damascus Airstrike 75% Of Financial Advisors Have Less Than 1% Exposure To Gold Gold Is Hitting Highs Without The Western [...]
McAlvany Recap • Apr 01 2024
The Importance of Balance
Recent entries in this blog have focused on the centralization vs. decentralization struggle. Both conditions have advantages and disadvantages, and one of the [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 28 2024
Gold Price Near All Time Highs
This week we look at the price of gold, near all time highs currently. We will also look at the price of silver along with the price of platinum and palladium. [...]
Weekly Commentary • Mar 27 2024
Powell On Inflation: “Dismissive”
Gold Soars In Yen, Euro, Swiss Franc, You Name It Turkey: Inflation 67%… Raises Interest Rates To 50% How “Celebrity Endorsed” Gold Companies [...]
McAlvany Recap • Mar 25 2024
Can the Center Hold?
The issue of centralization vs. decentralization has probably dominated the history of the United States more than that of any other country. It’s not a [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 22 2024
Gold’s Reaction To the Fed Announcement
This week we will cover the price movements of gold and silver following the recent announcement from the FOMC meeting. Market sentiment remains influenced by [...]
Weekly Commentary • Mar 20 2024
Jerome Powell This Week: Hawk Or Dove?
Japan Raises Interest Rate For First Time In 17 Years Central Banks Continue To Buy 2x The Gold Of Pre-Pandemic Buying Will Nvidia & Other Techs Tumble If [...]
McAlvany Recap • Mar 18 2024
The War for Power
History has given an exceptionally clear verdict: capitalism provides a much higher and better standard of living for its practitioners than socialism. [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 14 2024
Gold & Silver Continue Strong Pricing
This week we look at the gold and silver price with both continuing their strength and largely ignoring the recent PPI numbers. Gold has had some small [...]
Weekly Commentary • Mar 13 2024
The $14 Trillion Dollar Maturity Tsunami
Government Debt Will Be Rolling Over At Twice The Current Interest Cost Our Proxy War With Iran Just Got Hotter Gold Makes A New High With New Momentum [...]

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A gold IRA is one of the most tax-efficient options available for investors and savers.

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