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Weekly Commentary
Golden Rule Radio
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 22 2024
Gold & Silver Update: New US Debt Skyrockets
In this week’s episode of our precious metals series, we dive deep into the alarming rise of new debt levels for the average American family and how [...]
Weekly Commentary • Feb 21 2024
Shanghai Gold Exchange Delivers 271 Tons
China Devouring Gold While FOMO West Gambles Stocks Will Political Gaming In US Threaten The Camp David Accord? FED’s Super Core Inflation Tops 10% If [...]
McAlvany Recap • Feb 19 2024
The Old Ways
People who endeavor to walk in the ancient paths “where the good way is” have been perplexed these past several decades. They know that it’s [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 16 2024
Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Palladium 2024 Market Update
This week we cover the price movements of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, the platinum to palladium ratio, stock market and more. We will review the recent [...]
Weekly Commentary • Feb 14 2024
China: Retail Gold Purchases Hit 6-Year High
When FOMO Becomes POMO Panic Of Missing Out Signals Most Market Tops China In Its 4th Year Of Trying To Manage Market Meltdown “Mexico, for the first [...]
McAlvany Recap • Feb 12 2024
Two Cities, Two Markets, One Outcome
People who are on speaking terms with logic have a hard time understanding the attraction of communism. Taking things from people who have worked hard for them [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 08 2024
Gold & Precious Metals Protect Against This..
The taxpayer will be the one who pays this year. Gold continues in a consolidating pattern around $2,037. Silver is sitting $22.40 as of today. Platinum is at [...]
Weekly Commentary • Feb 07 2024
You Can’t Stop The Wave, So Learn To Surf
Elliott Wave Theorists Steven Hochberg & Peter Kendall The Greatest Risk In 24 Is Equities, The Great Opportunity – Safety [...]
McAlvany Recap • Feb 05 2024
The Majority Is Usually Wrong
As Lincoln’s War was getting underway, people streamed out of Washington DC to watch the first battle of Bull Run, bringing picnic lunches with them so [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 01 2024
Gold Sees Gains As Powell Pauses
This week, we talk about the recent price movements of gold, the equities markets, and silver amid the Fed’s recent decision to leave rates unchanged at [...]
Weekly Commentary • Jan 31 2024
$1.55 In Debt Now Equals $1.00 In Growth
We’re Borrowing To Give The Perception Of Earning Texas Governor Greg Abbott Has The Fortitude To Stand Against Invasion Gold Is Moving From Weak Hands [...]
McAlvany Recap • Jan 29 2024
What You See Is Not Always What You Get
Have you ever bought a house that looked great and passed inspection with flying colors, only to find later that the builder cut every corner possible? What [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Jan 25 2024
Treasury Markets Stumble As Gold C-Wave Inbound?
This week, we talk about the recent slip in treasury yields amid the broader economic narrative. Is gold positioning itself for a robust C-wave push in the [...]
Weekly Commentary • Jan 24 2024
Stocks: After The 2nd Rally, Then The Plunge
Secondary Declines Are The Ones That Leave You Broke Magnificent 7 Leading Stocks Is Now Just 2 Register For The Tactical Short Call This Thursday “On a [...]
McAlvany Recap • Jan 22 2024
When Saying Beats Being
Stories substitute for reality in 2024. Movies or video games define reality for some people, political messages for others. Things long considered [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Jan 18 2024
Gold Price Steady Amid Safe Haven Demand
The gold price remained steady at $2,017 this Thursday, with silver sitting at $22.64. Gold continues to beat inflation with strong fundamentals sitting behind [...]
Weekly Commentary • Jan 17 2024
Manic Speculation, Depressive Reality
ETFs now approved for Crypto bet Explosive stock price gains on companies with plunging balance sheets Gold and Silver poised for breakout this year [...]
McAlvany Recap • Jan 15 2024
À la Kipling: Keep Your Head When All About You Are Losing Theirs
Markets mirror their environment. In a country and a world that have largely become irrational, markets have slipped their logical moorings as well. America [...]

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