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Weekly Commentary
Golden Rule Radio
Weekly Commentary • Jul 24 2024
Jeffrey Christian: There’s A Lot Of Upside To Gold
If You’re Not Afraid, You’re Not Paying Attention We Are Halfway Through The Next Leg Up On Gold Financial Markets Are Divorced From Economic [...]
McAlvany Recap • Jul 22 2024
Know What’s So
Know What’s So Yesterday Joe Biden apparently found out how much he was hurting his political party because what he knew for sure “just wasn’t so” as [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Jul 19 2024
Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Buy
This week we take a quick look at the strong movement of gold, breaking through to a new high. The Dow also shows very strong movement this week, climbing up [...]
Weekly Commentary • Jul 17 2024
Greg Weldon: Silver Looks Good Here
Gold Will Break To The Upside There’s Not Enough Growth To Support The Debt Housing Prices To Fall “Argentina’s stock market, new high. [...]
McAlvany Recap • Jul 15 2024
Embracing Boundaries
Last week we discussed in this space the immense number of things that people “know” that aren’t so. When this author was young, the world was threatened [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Jul 12 2024
Keeping a Balanced Portfolio
Here’s our weekly recap of the precious metals markets for July 10. As of this recording, here is where precious metals stand: Gold is at $2,370, up 1.7% or [...]
Weekly Commentary • Jul 10 2024
An Interview With Charles Goodhart
Inflation & Interest Rates Higher For Much Longer Aging Population Is A Paradigm Shift Your Best Investment Is In Skills For Your Children “Now, I [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Jul 09 2024
Quarterly Recap
Here’s our weekly recap of the precious metals markets for July 3. As of this recording, here is where precious metals stand: The price of gold is up 2.7% [...]
McAlvany Recap • Jul 08 2024
Reality Matters
A popular saying assures us that “it ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” The [...]
Weekly Commentary • Jul 03 2024
The Economic “Sweet Spot” Reversal
Labor Costs To Spike Worldwide Inflation Higher For Decades Long-Term Interest Rates Higher For Much Longer “The rise of China and demography created a [...]
McAlvany Recap • Jul 01 2024
Honesty Is the Most Productive Policy
A few weeks ago we discussed in this space the value of excellent productive work. No nation can enjoy a high standard of living on a widespread basis without [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Jun 28 2024
Optimize Your Ratio Trading
This week we investigate the continuing bull market of gold and silver even with the slight dip that they took this week.  Meanwhile, palladium is on track to [...]
Weekly Commentary • Jun 26 2024
Gold Will Play A Role In The New Monetary Regime
Steph Pomboy: “The U.S. Fantasy Is That The World Needs The Dollar” Government’s Big Mistake Is Financing Our Debt On The Short End Of The [...]
McAlvany Recap • Jun 24 2024
The Long Term Reveals the Quality of Short-Term Decisions
“In the long run we’re all dead,” Keynes informed us. He did so in order to stress economic theory’s inability to determine the distant future. [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Jun 22 2024
Teetering Markets
Here’s our weekly recap of the precious metals markets for June 19. As of this recording, here is where precious metals stand: The price of gold rose to [...]
Weekly Commentary • Jun 19 2024
Apple Mentions A.I. & Gets Free Pass On Falling Earnings
Buffett Selling His Apple, Holding His Energy Stocks Developed Nations Central Banks Increase Gold Reserves MAG 7 Stocks Cap $15 Trillion “Macro analysis [...]
McAlvany Recap • Jun 17 2024
Work: The Backbone of Nations
Work: The Backbone of Nations Americans have lived in an environment of excellence and plenty for so long that many of us have no concept of what it’s like [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Jun 14 2024
Reliable Precious Metals
Reliable Precious Metals Here’s our weekly recap of the precious metals markets for June 13. As of this recording, here is where precious metals stand: The [...]

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