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Weekly Commentary
Golden Rule Radio
McAlvany Recap • Dec 09 2023
Being Right vs. Being Liked
Since the original voice crying in the wilderness 2,000 years ago, there have been many others. Some, such as John Wycliffe and Jan Hus, have had variations on [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Dec 08 2023
Gold Prices Reach ALL-TIME HIGHS Much Sooner Than Expected
Gold prices skyrocketed to $2,135.39 per ounce midday Monday, easily breaking the all-time highs and demonstrating momentum behind the gold price. Throughout [...]
Weekly Commentary • Dec 06 2023
Chinese Gold Demand Surges 66% In A Quarter
Indian Gold Demand Rises 60% In Year Eastern Gold Buyers Buy Value, Western Buyers Chase Momentum Gold Exploration Budgets Double, Yet There Are No Recent [...]
McAlvany Recap • Dec 04 2023
Simple Is Not Always Best
Americans, we are repeatedly told by the rest of the world, are idiots for not adopting the metric system. And perhaps our retention of American customary [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Dec 01 2023
Gold Trending Upwards
Gold makes another attempt at a new high this week, continuing its upward trend from the past weeks.  We take a look at the 200 moving day average for gold to [...]
Weekly Commentary • Nov 29 2023
Almost Half of My Taxes go to Pay Interest!
40% of personal income taxes are sucked up to pay interest on US Debt Seven US Banks closed 42 branches in one week 50 Billion a month is fleeing China in the [...]
McAlvany Recap • Nov 27 2023
How Can You Tell if a Government Official is Lying?
Governments have always lied, and since Machiavelli they’ve been able to excuse it as necessary, but only the most naïve observer could fail to notice the [...]
Weekly Commentary • Nov 22 2023
Invest In Scarcity, Avoid The Overproduced
CPI Number Is A Blatant Lie, Markets Love The Lie BLS Says We All Experienced A 34% Decline In Insurance Premiums Gold Under Lock & Key Is Your Defence [...]
McAlvany Recap • Nov 20 2023
In Hard Times, It Helps to Know What Your Options Are
During the hyperinflation of 1921-23 in Germany, prices of food in a restaurant could rise several thousand papiermarks (paper marks) in a single day. People [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Nov 16 2023
Gold Holding Strong Amid CPI Data
Gold prices surged following an increase in weekly jobless claims, maintaining strength in the wake of recent CPI data. The market’s enthusiastic [...]
Weekly Commentary • Nov 15 2023
30-year T-Bills for sale…anybody?
Treasury auction reveals cracks in system San Francisco prettied up for Xi Private Equity time-bomb being pawned off to middle-class bag holders “So the [...]
McAlvany Recap • Nov 13 2023
The Galactic Parse
In the markets, there is a ton of information. An analyst’s job is to separate the wheat from the chaff. And there’s a lot of chaff. The reasons for this [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Nov 09 2023
Gold Price Update: USD Index & Equities Market Analysis
Recent market movements have seen the Dow experience a 9% downturn since July, followed by a notable retracement to the 618 level in just the past 10 days. [...]
Weekly Commentary • Nov 08 2023
The Market’s “Window Of Vulnerability”
The Four Horseman Of The Stock Market What Happens When The Yield Curve Un-Inverts? Gold Closes At Record Highs In Sweden, Norway, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, [...]
McAlvany Recap • Nov 06 2023
Debt Matters
Advocates of Modern Monetary Theory, like their Marxist brethren, are fond of saying that debt doesn’t matter. “We owe it to ourselves,” they say, which [...]
Golden Rule Radio • Nov 02 2023
Gold Price Holds Strong After Fed Hold Rates
In this week’s precious metals market update, we delve into the latest developments affecting gold, silver, the US dollar index, and the broader US [...]
Weekly Commentary • Nov 01 2023
U.S. Has To Borrow $20 Trillion In 36 Months
Yellen Denies Higher Rates Due To Lack Of Confidence Watch The Hard Asset Difference Webinar Click Here To Sign Up for the Tactical Short 3rd Quarter Recap [...]
McAlvany Recap • Oct 30 2023
Ignore the Siren Song
The problem with sirens is that they always sound so good. Not the sirens on emergency vehicles, rather the kind that Odysseus had to deal with. With their [...]

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