The Story of Gold

For over 5,000 years, gold remains
the best known and most trusted form of money.


1971 Nixon ends the US Dollar’s tie to the gold standard, turning the US dollar into a true fiat currency with no backing.


1975 Gold reaches $183 per ounce (up from just $35 an ounce four years earlier). That is a 400% gain in just four years.


1980 Gold reaches $660 per ounce, a gain of over 500% over four years as economic uncertainty and record inflation drive gold prices higher.


2008 Global stock bubble burst and great recession hit. Gold hits $800 per ounce.


2011 Gold reaches $1,900 per ounce driven by the Great Recession and Global Stock Market Collapse. This is a 138% increase in just 3 years


Aug 2020 Gold reaches a price of $2070 per ounce driven by the covid market collapse and global shutdown.