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Weekly Commentary • Jun 07 2023
“Steer” Clear Of A Fake Bull Market

Looming Recession Does Not Support Current Market Chances of June Rate Hike Drop From 70% To 30% The Two P’s Of Investing: Preserve First, Profit Second [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Jun 7, 2023
Weekly Commentary • May 31 2023
Artificial Stock Prices For Artificial Intelligence?

NVIDIA Soars To 30x Sales Erdogan “Wins” The Turkey Again! Chances of FED Interest Increase In June Jump 60% Artificial Stock Prices For Artificial [...]

David McAlvany Posted on May 31, 2023
Weekly Commentary • May 24 2023
China Abusing A.I. For People Control

World’s Debt Now 360% of GDP 448 Billion Flees Banks Into Higher Paying Money Market Funds Gold Is The Best Stupidity Insurance China Abusing A.I. For [...]

David McAlvany Posted on May 24, 2023
Weekly Commentary • May 17 2023
Apple Larger Than Everything Else In Russell 2000

Will The Most Owned Stock In History Become The Most Sold Stock In History? Platinum Deficit Is Coming. Do You Own Some? Call For Your Bank Rating – [...]

David McAlvany Posted on May 17, 2023
Weekly Commentary • May 10 2023
Not A Bankrun, Just A Rapid Walk

Central Banks Still Big Gold Buyers, Public Yet To Enter Buffett & Munger On Stocks: “Prepare For Lower Returns” Bank Woes Scapegoat Is The [...]

David McAlvany Posted on May 10, 2023
Weekly Commentary • May 03 2023
Housing Hits Record Unaffordability

Goldman Sachs Housing Affordability Index At Lowest Level Ever Non-confirmation in the DJIA & DJTA Could Spell Trouble Richard Russell: “Every [...]

David McAlvany Posted on May 3, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Apr 26 2023
The Early Bird Gets The Gold

Central Banks Accumulate More Gold Than Ever Chile Nationalizes All Lithium Assets Why Is China Aggressively Building out Its Railroads? Required Reading [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Apr 26, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Apr 19 2023
When Is The Dollar Done For?

Barring A Sudden Shock, The Doller Hegemony Will Last Longer Than Many Think CBDC Turning A Tool Of Independence Into A Tool Of Social Control Pouring [...]

MPM Posted on Apr 19, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Apr 12 2023
Bank Lending Gets Choked

Bank lending in U.S. contracts “most on record” in the last 2 weeks Apple execs and insiders offload over $40 million in their own Apple stocks Study shows [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Apr 12, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Apr 05 2023
Has The Petro Dollar Lost Its Teeth?

Japan Is Buying Russian Oil, Ignoring US Mandate Unrealized Losses Are Getting Harder To Hide Accounting Chicanery Or Making Earnings The Pretty Pig Has The [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Apr 5, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Mar 29 2023
Big Brother To “Solve” Dollar Crises With Fedcoin

Social Control Is a Major Goal Of CBDC FDIC Has As Much Money As Warren Buffett & No More! Big Brother to “Solve” Dollar Crises with Fedcoin March 29, [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Mar 29, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Mar 22 2023
30-Year Money Experiment Ending Badly

Doug Noland’s Latest Words On The Current Crisis Unprecedented Deposits Turn Into Unprecedented Withdrawals Instability Of All Systems Moving Forward [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Mar 22, 2023
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