An Interview With Ian McAvity

Weekly Commentary • Jan 26 2011
An Interview With Ian McAvity
David McAlvany Posted on January 26, 2011

Ian M. T. McAvity has been Acting Chief Executive Officer and President of Duncan Park Holdings Corp. since August 21, 2007. Mr. McAvity serves as the President of Deliberations Research Inc., (an Economic Consultants). Mr. McAvity has been involved in the world of finance for over 40 years, as a banker and broker since 1975 and as an Independent Advisor and Consultant, specializing in the technical analysis of international equity, foreign exchange and precious metals … markets. He has been a Director of Duncan Park Holdings Corp., since 2004. He has been an Independent Director of Central Fund of Canada Ltd. since 1983 and serves as a Member of Executive Committee. Mr. McAvity has been a Trustee of Central GoldTrust since 2003 and Silver Bullion Trust since 2009 and serves as Lead Trustee. Mr. McAvity is a Corporate Director of Deliberations Research Inc. His analysis and views have been published in “Ian McAvity’s Deliberations on World Markets Newsletter” continuously since 1972.


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