Danger! Watch Your Step: An Interview With Gregory Weldon

Weekly Commentary • May 19 2010
Danger! Watch Your Step: An Interview With Gregory Weldon
David McAlvany Posted on May 19, 2010

Gregory Weldon publishes Weldon’s Money Monitor, The Metal Monitor and The ETF Playbook in addition to operating his Managed Futures Account Program as a CTA. He has a unique ability to define and forecast the market’s direction through his proprietary dissection of fundamental and technical market data. Few publications offer the wide scope offered within the macro-perspective presented by Greg, and few newsletters so fluidly combine fundamentals, technical analysis, inter-market examinations, psychology, and intuitive insights as does Weldon’s Money Monitor… stacking macro-trends against the micro-evolution taking place. Weldon Financial is now a highly regarded and profitable publishing company, having garnered some of the world’s most respected fund managers as loyal and daily readers. http://www.weldononline.com/index.aspx

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