Friday, July 28, 2023

Friday, July 28, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on July 28, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Stocks Gain, Japan Yields Top 2014 High: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Bond Markets Creak as Bank of Japan Eases YCC Policy

[Reuters] Oil on track for fifth week of gains

[CNBC] Key Fed inflation rate falls to lowest annual rate in nearly 2 years

[AP] Mounting job vacancies push state and local governments into a wage war for workers

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ Loosens Grip on Long-term Yields in Ueda’s First Surprise

[Reuters] BOJ keeps low rates, makes yield control policy more flexible

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Hawkish Tone in Japan Is All It Takes to Rattle Global Markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Tokyo CPI Growth Tops Consensus, Focusing Attention on BOJ

[Reuters] Explainer: How does Japan’s yield curve control work?

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] A $3 Trillion Threat to Global Financial Markets Looms in Japan

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Canada Growth Slows to 1% in Second Quarter; GDP Shrank in June

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Early Economic Data Show Growth Weakening Further in July

[Reuters] White-collar wage cuts in China fuel deflation risks, hurt consumption

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB Rate Uncertainty Looms Over Euro Zone’s Weakening Economy

[Reuters] German economy stagnates in Q2, outlook remains clouded

[CNBC] How the world went from a semiconductor shortage to a major glut

[Reuters] How the ghost of the 1990s property crash returned to haunt Sweden

[Reuters] Russian, Chinese officials join Kim Jong Un at North Korea military parade

[Reuters] Exclusive: New Taiwan weapons package to be announced soon, US officials say

[WSJ] Great Power Rivalry Looms Over Ukraine Grain Deal

[WSJ] Europe Avoids China’s Belt and Road Forum, Keeping a Distance From Xi and Putin

[FT] Bank of Japan tweaks ultra-loose monetary policy

[FT] Central banks leave investors in the dark as they near peak rates

[FT] Booming markets neutralise impact of rate rises on US corporate fundraising

[FT] Japan ‘gravely concerned’ by China and Russia’s military co-operation

[FT] China accused of using ‘wrecking tactics’ at climate talks

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