Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday, March 24, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on March 24, 2023


[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Drop as Bank Woes Grip Traders: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Deutsche Bank and UBS shares hammered as banking fears keep tight grip

[Reuters] Deutsche Bank shares plunge, default insurance at highest since 2018

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Bonds Rally as Renewed Bank Concerns Fuel Rate-Cut Bets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Emerging Markets Retreat as Traders Hedge for ‘Risk-Off Event’

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Dives Afresh as Equity Markets Slump and Dollar Rallies

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed’s Central Bank Dollar Tool Tapped for Record $60 Billion

[Reuters] Banks Are Still Drawing on the Fed for $164 Billion of Emergency Cash

[Dow Jones] Moody’s sees risk that U.S. banking ‘turmoil’ can’t be contained

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BofA Says Investor Rush to Cash Is Fastest Since Covid Hit

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Asia Bank AT1s Also Have Swiss Wipeout Clause, Report Says

[Reuters] Japan’s consumer inflation off 41-year high but cost pressure persists

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Japan Service Activity Marks Strongest Since 2013 on Tourism

[Reuters] U.S. and China wage war beneath the waves – over internet cables

[Reuters] China detains staff, raids office of US due diligence firm Mintz Group

[AP] N Korea says it simulated nuke attacks with drone, missiles

[AP] North Korea claims ‘radioactive tsunami’ weapon test at sea

[Bloomberg] Unusual $828 Billion Loan Market Magnifies Housing Risk in Korea

[WSJ] Companies Big and Small Lose Access to Credit Amid Bank Stress

[WSJ] Janet Yellen’s Blurred Lines on Bank Depositors

[WSJ] What Are AT1 Bonds, and Why Are They Risky?

[WSJ] Unlimited Deposit Insurance Can’t Solve Everything

[WSJ] Accounting-Fraud Indicator Signals Coming Economic Trouble

[FT] Gold shines as rate declines come closer

[FT] Executive pay at Silicon Valley Bank soared after big bet on riskier assets

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