Friday, October 20, 2023

Friday, October 20, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on October 20, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Rises on War Escalation Fears; Stocks Slip: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Oil Extends Gain as Deepening Mideast Crisis Puts Market on Edge

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Stock Benchmark Falls Through Key Line of Defense

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] EM Stocks Set For Worst Week Since August Amid Mideast Conflict

[CNN Live] Israel-Hamas war rages as Gaza waits for aid amid worsening conditions

[AP] US military shoots down missiles and drones as it faces growing threats in volatile Middle East

[Reuters] Rockets, drones hit Iraqi bases housing U.S. forces

[Reuters] Jordan fears ‘the worst is coming’ in Gaza war

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Worst-Case War Scenario Could Mean $140 Oil, Says Allianz Trade

[Reuters] Jim Jordan to make third try at top job in paralyzed US House

[Reuters] US equity funds suffer outflows on rising bond yields, geopolitical tensions

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Injects Most Short-Term Cash Into Banking System on Record

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Country Garden Default Is All But Official, Restructuring Looms

[Reuters] China’s troubled property sector to face more debt defaults

[Reuters] China, world’s top graphite producer, to curb exports of key battery material

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ’s Ueda Says Need for Risk Management of Rates Is Increasing

[Reuters] Surge in US yields sparked massive outflow from Asian bonds in September

[Reuters] Japan’s core inflation slows below 3% for first time in over a year

[Reuters] China weighs options to blunt U.S. sanctions in a Taiwan conflict

[Bloomberg] Volatility Market Flashes Stock Warning in Fresh VIX Inversion

[Bloomberg] How a Vegas Whale, and Many More, Tap Billions Meant for US Housing

[FT] Pain trade: rout ruins ‘year of the bond’

[FT] ‘I have a feeling this is going to last’: Israelis evacuate the border with Lebanon

[FT] ‘I’m living the story’: Gaza journalists risk their lives to deliver the news

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