Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday, September 10, 2021
Doug Noland Posted on September 9, 2021

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Rise as Tapering Worries Ease: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Rises With Investors Assessing China’s Rare Reserves Release

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Producer Prices Increased in August by More Than Forecast

[Reuters] Facing stalemate in ties, Biden and China’s Xi discuss avoiding conflict in call

[Reuters] Column: Markets fear a different ‘delta’

[CNBC] Food is getting more expensive in the U.S., and it’s not just due to Covid

[CNBC] Natural gas prices are rising and could be the most expensive in 13 years this winter

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] More Strategists Say a Storm Is Brewing in the U.S. Stock Market

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Needs to Regulate Its AI Giants, Tech Watchdog Says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fitch Upgrade of ‘Taiwan, China’ Jolts Traders, Irks Taipei

[Reuters] No place in Japan for ‘modern monetary theory’, says Finmin Aso

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Container Shipping Giant Freezes Spot Rates Amid Trade Chaos

[AP] From 9/11’s Ashes, a New World Took Shape. It Did Not Last

[CNN] Americans turn pessimistic amid concerns over economy and coronavirus

[Reuters] Tree planting efforts aren’t replacing burned U.S. forests — not even close

[Bloomberg] Angry Evergrande Homebuyers Protest Against Construction Halt

[Bloomberg] Europe Carry Trades Live On as ECB Delays Taper Talk to December

[NYT] ‘Reversing Gears’: China Increasingly Rejects English, and the World

[NYT] Fed Officials’ Trading Draws Outcry, and Fuels Calls for Accountability

[WSJ] Fed Officials Prepare for November Reduction in Bond Buying

[WSJ] Democrats Float Partnership, Buyback Taxes to Fund $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

[WSJ] Hurricane Ida’s Destruction Adds to Car Market’s Woes

[WSJ] Crypto Fans Borrow to Buy Homes, Cars—and More Crypto

[WSJ] BlackRock-Soros Feud Is a Microcosm of Wall Street’s China Dilemma

[WSJ] U.S. Sets a Summer-Heat Record This Year

[FT] Companies rush to exploit fizzing bond markets

[FT] EU hawks set tough terms for talks on reform of fiscal rules

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