Monday, August 14, 2023

Monday, August 14, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on August 14, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Erase Gains as China Contagion Risks Eyed: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] China’s Country Garden seeks to delay onshore bond repayment, fanning market fears

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yen Slides Toward Intervention Zone on Wide Japan-US Yield Gap

[Reuters] Bonds bruised, China stocks and rouble sink

[CNBC] Russian ruble slumps to near 17-month low, moves past 100 against the dollar

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Argentina’s Dollar Bonds Plunge on Populist’s Election Upset

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Dips as Concerns About China Spur Volatility Across Markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Real Yields Near 14-Year High Spur Fresh Dollar Buying

[Reuters] US loss of AAA badge a reminder of ‘regime shift’ for government debt

[Reuters] California grid warns heat wave will stoke power demand

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Country Garden Aims to Extend Maturing Bond in First Amid Crisis

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Country Garden Woes Deepen as Unit Halts Local Bond Trading

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Finance Giant’s Missed Payments Alarm Regulators, Markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Sets Up Task Force After Top Wealth Manager Misses Payment

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Market Turmoil Amps Up Pressure for Policymakers to Act

[Reuters] Australian developer Lendlease pauses $1.2 bln San Francisco project

[Reuters] North Korea’s Kim orders making more missiles ahead of S.Korea, US drills

[Bloomberg] JPMorgan Sees ‘Vicious Cycle’ as Top China Trust Misses Payment

[WSJ] China’s Worsening Economy Is Hurting Corporate America

[WSJ] China’s Shadow Banks Could Be Another Property Casualty

[WSJ] China’s Deepening Housing Problems Spook Investors

[WSJ] Wildfires and Thunderstorms Are Throwing Insurance Market Into Turbulence

[WSJ] The Economic Losers in the New World Order

[FT] How the middle-class consumer is adapting to rising living costs

[FT] Chinese developer Country Garden suspends bond trading

[FT] Chinese investors alarmed over trust company’s missed payments

[FT] Huge inflows to China ETFs prompt speculation about state buying

[FT] Severe drought in Panama hits global shipping industry

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