Monday, January 29, 2024

Monday, January 29, 2024
Doug Noland Posted on January 29, 2024

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Make Cautious Start to an Event-Packed Week: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Gold gains on Middle East risks; Fed meeting in focus

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Erases Gain as Traders Digest Latest Mideast Escalation

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Euro Falls, Bonds Gain as Traders Pin Hopes on Early ECB Cut

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Red Sea Shipping Crisis Sends Tremors Through Asia Fuel Markets

[Reuters] Biden faces pressure to strike Iran after US troops killed

[AP] Inflation has slowed. Now the Federal Reserve faces expectations for rate cuts

[Yahoo Finance] The Fed will likely hold rates steady this week. Markets want to know when rate cuts will start.

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Treasury Seen Boosting Long-Term Debt Sales One Last Time

[Reuters] China Evergrande ordered to liquidate in landmark moment for crisis-hit sector

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Evergrande Liquidation Is a Big Test for International Creditors

[Reuters] Explainer: What happens next after China Evergrande ordered to liquidate?

[Reuters] China to merge three major asset managers into China Investment Corp -Xinhua

[Reuters] China’s growth model pushes Beijing into more trade conflicts

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Japan’s Benchmark 10-Year Bond Yield May Surge to 2% This Year, Eurizon’s Jen Says

[Reuters] Russia warship conducts anti-submarine drill in South China Sea – agencies

[Bloomberg] How Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’ Is Widening Mideast Conflict

[Bloomberg] China Removes Article on ‘Merger’ of Bad-Debt Managers With CIC

[NYT] Evergrande Will Be Dismantled, a ‘Big Bang’ End to Years of Stumbles

[WSJ] A Little Dual Easing Soon Could Help the Fed Avoid Major Easing Later

[WSJ] ‘What the Hell?’ Europe Chafes at America’s Protectionist Tilt

[FT] Strong US growth boosts expectation that Fed will delay cutting rates

[FT] El-Erian: The conflicting forces at work in the global economy


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