Monday, November 13, 2023

Monday, November 13, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on November 13, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Edge Lower Before Key Inflation Data: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Dollar rallies to fresh one-year high against a beaten-down yen

[Reuters] New US House speaker tries to muster his Republicans to avert government shutdown

[AP] Heavy fighting rages near main Gaza hospital and people trapped inside say they cannot flee

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Israel Latest: Hezbollah Fires at Israeli Infantry Across Border

[ABC] US launches 3rd strikes on Iran-linked groups amid attacks on American soldiers: Officials

[The Hill] US stands on edge of conflict as attacks on troops continue in Middle East

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Dudley Warns US Fiscal Position Is on ‘Unsustainable Trajectory’

[AP] What they want: Biden and Xi are looking for clarity in an increasingly difficult relationship

[Reuters] Inside Wall Street’s scramble after ICBC hack

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Credit Growth Weaker Than Expected in October

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Consumption Recovery Is Losing Momentum, Data Show

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Moody’s Decision on Junk Rating This Week Has Italy on Edge

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Sales in India Aided by Easing Prices on Festive Weekend

[Reuters] China, Pakistan navies hold drills days after Russia’s historic Andaman exercise

[WSJ] Israel Warns of Wider War as It Presses On in Gaza

[WSJ] Private Debt Was Supposed to Collapse When Rates Rose. Instead It Is Everywhere.

[WSJ] The Clearest Sign Yet That Commercial Real Estate Is in Trouble

[WSJ] Just How Bad Is the IPO Market? Really Bad

[FT] The real regulatory risk highlighted by a booming US Treasury arbitrage

[FT] Xi and Biden to try to ease tensions as Taiwan looms over US-China talks

[FT] China, Russia, Iran and the prospect of American retreat

[FT] Geopolitical risks worst in 50 years, warns oil services boss

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