Monday, November 27, 2023

Monday, November 27, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on November 27, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Edge Lower on China Data; Gold Above $2,000: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Gold hits 6-month high on Fed pause expectation, softer dollar

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Declines for Fourth Day on OPEC+ Intrigue and Risk-Off Tone

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Hong Kong Cash Demand Sends Local Bank Rate to 16-Year High

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Pressure Grows on Israel to Prolong Cease-Fire With Hamas

[AP] Hamas releases a third group of hostages as part of truce, and says it will seek to extend the deal

[Reuters] Wall Street gets creative as regulators demand more capital

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Billions Wiped Out as Stock-Safety Trade on Wall Street Misfires

[Reuters] China’s money market shows signs of liquidity tightness towards month-end

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Investors Face Tens of Billions in Losses Over Zhongzhi

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s industrial profits growth slows, keeps stimulus calls alive

[Reuters] Exclusive: Beijing bourse tells ‘major shareholders’ to refrain from selling, sources say

[Reuters] Japan’s corporate service inflation climbs in sign of broadening price pressures

[Reuters] BoE’s Bailey says getting inflation to 2% will be ‘hard work’

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Signa Insolvency Wave Nears as Last-Ditch Fund Talks Falter

[Reuters] Currency clashes sour Russia’s oil trade with Asia

[Reuters] North Korea vows more satellite launches, beefs up military on border

[Bloomberg] Just How Bad Is the US Cost-of-Living Squeeze? We Did the Math

[Bloomberg] China Bank-Backed Dollar Bond Sales Plunge Amid Default Jitters

[Bloomberg] China Warns of Coming Respiratory Surge After Pneumonia Hit Kids

[WSJ] China Scrambles to Contain a Looming Shadow-Bank Meltdown

[WSJ] Investors See Interest-Rate Cuts Coming Soon, Recession or Not

[WSJ] Putin Has Staked Russia’s Resources on Victory in Ukraine. Can the West Match Him?

[FT] Gold price hits six-month high as investors bet on rate cuts

[FT] How much FDI is China actually attracting?


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