Monday, October 17, 2022

Monday, October 17, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on October 17, 2022

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Pound and UK Bonds Rally; Stocks Advance: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Stocks Pare Losses as Traders Assess Xi’s Policy Signals

[Reuters] Oil steady as recession fears counter positive Chinese signals

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Hunt Drops What’s Left of Truss Plan to Save UK Credibility

[Reuters] UK’s Hunt says he will raise 32 bln pounds more in tax, limit power subsidies

[Reuters] New UK finance minister faces market verdict after gutting Truss’s plans

[Reuters] UK housing market shows strains from “mini-budget”: Rightmove

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bear Market in US Stocks Still in Its Infancy Versus History

[Reuters] Russia launches deadly new attacks on central Kyiv using drones

[Reuters] Intense fighting flares in Ukraine’s Donetsk region

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Kamikaze Drones Hit Kyiv; EU Ministers Meet

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Xi Gives Little Reassurance China’s Economic Risks to Ease

[Reuters] Analysis: A $1 trillion headache: China’s local fiscal shortfall poses broader growth risks

[Reuters] Exclusive: China’s state banks seen acquiring dollars in swaps market to stabilise yuan

[Reuters] As Xi opens congress, China’s state hands keep markets steady

[Reuters] China’s next big trade is nationalism

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB Unity on Policy Path Is Fraying as Recession Danger Mounts

[Reuters] German spy chief: ‘Russia is the storm, China is climate change’

[Reuters] Analysis: G7 fails to reach intervention deal to ease pain of soaring dollar

[Reuters] Bank of Japan likely to raise inflation forecast to over 2.5% – Kyodo

[Reuters] Analysis: Indonesia’s defences start crumbling against relentless dollar

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bank Run Shows Risks From Widening Vietnam Corruption Probes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ‘CLO Whale’ Halts Purchases as UK Volatility Spreads to Global Markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Floods Hit Australian Firms, Economy as Wild Weather Persists

[Bloomberg] Chinese Conglomerate Fosun Halts Trading Pending ‘Inside Information’ Release

[FT] Liz Truss battles for survival as City figures and MPs call on her to quit

[FT] Xi Jinping steers towards confrontation with west in ‘great rejuvenation’ push

[FT] China delays key GDP data in middle of Communist party congress

[FT] EU ministers advised to take a tougher line on China

[FT] IMF calls on policymakers to re-examine ETF risks

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