Monday, September 12, 2022

Monday, September 12, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on September 11, 2022

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Stocks Extend Rally as Dollar Tumbles: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Euro Climbs Most Since March as ECB Hawks Help Cool Dollar Fever

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Rises With Dollar’s Descent Countering Demand Worries

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] European Gas Slumps as Bloc Prepares Details for Intervention

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Rises on Weakening Dollar Ahead of US Inflation Data

[Reuters] Exclusive: Biden to hit China with broader curbs on U.S. chip and tool exports

[Reuters] U.S. railroad unions warn of cargo delays as contract deadline looms

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] If You Want to Know Where US Inflation Is Heading, Look at Rents

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] EU Proposes Mandatory Power-Demand Cut and Tax on Profits

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Kyiv’s Counteroffensive Gains Momentum in East

[Reuters] Ukraine accuses Russia of attacking power grid in revenge for offensive

[Reuters] Explainer: The G7’s price cap on Russian oil begins to take shape

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Depleting Reserves Spell Risks for Emerging Asian Currencies

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB’s Guindos Says Jumbo Hike Aimed at Inflation Expectations

[CNBC] Goldman’s Apple Card business has a surprising subprime problem

[Bloomberg] Russia Strikes Power Plants, Vowing to Counter Ukraine’s Advance

[Bloomberg] The World’s Hottest Housing Markets Are Facing a Painful Reset

[Bloomberg] Zoltan Pozsar Sees a New Dollar Regime. His Longtime Collaborator Disagrees

[Bloomberg] India August Inflation Accelerates to 7% on High Food Prices

[WSJ] Sliding Earnings Forecasts Pose Next Test for Markets

[WSJ] A Bad Year for Crypto Is a Really Bad One for Crypto Miners

[WSJ] Ukraine’s Rout of Russian Forces Poses Challenge of How to Exploit Gains

[FT] Renminbi heads for record yearly fall against the dollar

[FT] Russia to press on ‘until all the goals’ are achieved in Ukraine, Kremlin says

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