Thursday, February 29, 2024

Thursday, February 29, 2024
Doug Noland Posted on February 29, 2024

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks and Bonds Steady After Inflation Data: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Ekes Out Second Monthly Gain as Spreads Point to Tightness

[AP] Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation gauge picked up last month in sign of still-elevated prices

[CNBC] Key Fed inflation measure rose 0.4% in January as expected, up 2.8% from a year ago

[Dow Jones] Jobless claims tick up in latest week

[Reuters] US Congress makes last-minute bid to avert government shutdown’

[Reuters] Fed’s balance sheet endgame may play out over a longer-than-expected horizon

[AP] Fewer banks are tightening lending standards, raising hopes for easier loan access ahead

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ Risks Roiling Markets With Traders Underprepared for March

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ Board Member Signals Exiting Negative Interest Rate Policy Is Closer

[Reuters] BOJ policymaker calls for overhaul of ultra-loose monetary policy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB’s Holzmann Sees No Serious Rate Debate Before June: Politico

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Bans High-Speed Futures Trader as Quant Crackdown Expands

[CNBC] How China’s property bubble burst

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Burned More Fossil Fuels in 2023 Despite Green Push

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Savings Glut’s Demise Threatens Higher Borrowing Costs

[Reuters] Asia hedge fund launches drop to lowest number in 14 years as China interest wanes

[Reuters] Putin warns West of risk of nuclear war, says Moscow can strike Western targets

[NYT] Auto Insurance Spike Hampers the Inflation Fight

[NYT] China Has Thousands of Navalnys, Hidden From the Public

[WSJ] China’s Crackdown on High-Frequency Trading Ensnares Another Firm

[WSJ] How the World’s Priciest Property Market Stumbled

[FT] Vladimir Putin warns of wider conflict over Ukraine

[FT] Private credit: why invest in real estate when lending earns 10%?

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