Thursday, June 22, 2023

Thursday, June 22, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on June 22, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Slump as Hawkish Central Banks Sap Spirits: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Shares ease, dollar steady in central-bank heavy day

[Reuters] Oil falls with interest rate hikes and inventories in focus

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yen Falls to Record Low Against Swiss Franc on Policy Divergence

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Turkey Lira Sinks to Weakest on Record After Rates Decision

[Reuters] Sterling volatile, Norwegian crown surges and Swiss franc falls on rate hikes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOE Steps Up Inflation Fight With Surprise Rate Hike to 5%

[Reuters] Bank of England hikes rates to 5% in surprise move

[Reuters] Is Britain on the edge of a mortgage market meltdown?

[Reuters] Swiss central bank signals more tightening to come after latest rate hike

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Norway Raises Rate by Half Point to Ramp up Inflation Fight

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Powell Defies Critics and Makes Case for Why Rates Must Rise

[Reuters] U.S. jobless claims hold steady at 20-month high, current account gap widens

[Reuters] US banks push back as regulators prepare international capital hikes

[Dow Jones] U.S. Economy Back to Sluggish Pace in May — Chicago Fed

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Dealmakers Face $50 Billion M&A Freeze Amid Mounting Troubles

[Reuters] Ukraine says Russia considering nuclear plant attack, Moscow denies it

[Reuters] BOJ policymaker calls for keeping low rates, focus on wages

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Swiss central bank urges review of ‘too big to fail’ bank safeguards after Credit Suisse debacle

[Reuters] Drought-hit Panama Canal further restricts maximum ship depth

[Reuters] Beijing braces for blistering hot weather as heatwaves return

[Bloomberg] Short Bets on US Stocks Hit $1 Trillion, Most Since April 2022

[WSJ] It’s Getting Riskier to Do Business in China

[WSJ] Fraudulent Covid Aid Drove Up U.S. House Prices, Report Says

[FT] Bundesbank lessons for today’s central bankers

[FT] Bank of England faces calls for tougher action in rate decisions

[FT] The Bank of England must do whatever it takes to tame inflation


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