Thursday, September 7, 2023

Thursday, September 7, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on September 7, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Dollar Climbs to Six-Month High; Apple Shares Sink: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil’s Rally Takes Breather as Traders Turn Gaze to Stockpiles

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Onshore Yuan Sinks to Weakest Since 2007

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] PBOC Gives Yuan Unyielding Support for Record 54 Straight Days

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Emerging Currencies Close to Erasing 2023 Gains as Gloom Deepens

[Bloomberg] US Initial Jobless Claims Fall to Lowest Level Since February

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Texas Teeters on Edge of Blackouts as Demand Squeezes Grid

[Reuters] UK house prices fall by most since 2009 as rate rises bite

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Euro-Zone Barely Grows After Export Downturn Adds Pressure

[Reuters] European private loan market falters as corporate credit stress mounts

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Meloni Faces Worsening Italian Budget Deficit for This Year

[Dow Jones] China’s Forex Reserves Fell in August

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Shows Signs of Decoupling from US as FDI, Trade Falls

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Seeks to Broaden iPhone Ban to State Firms, Agencies

[Reuters] Default dodged, but Country Garden’s upcoming debt payments stir worries

[Reuters] China’s August exports, imports fall less than expected

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Asks Fertilizer Producers to Suspend Urea Shipments

[Reuters] Policymakers see darker days ahead in China as growth sputters

[Reuters] Three major China banks to lower rates on existing first-home mortgages

[Reuters] China’s economic gloom hangs over Japan’s long-awaited recovery

[Reuters] BOJ policymaker calls for keeping ultra-easy policy for now

[Reuters] Biden bets on emerging markets as Xi snubs G20

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Malaysia Caps Retail Rice Sales, Conducts Checks as Prices Soar

[Reuters] Global finance system fragmenting; Myanmar crisis worsens: UN chief

[Reuters] Chinese delegation led by vice premier to visit North Korea, state media says

[Bloomberg] China’s Credit Wreck Exposes Governance Failings to the World

[Bloomberg] China Isn’t Buying the Message US Officials Are Selling

[NYT] China Is Flooding the World With Cars

[FT] China’s renminbi hits 16-year low after exports tumble in August

[FT] US and European companies rush to issue debt before rate decisions

[FT] Germany’s industrial gloom deepens as production falls

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