Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Tuesday, August 29, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on August 29, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Stocks Waver as Traders Await Deluge of Data: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] World stocks higher as China boost lingers for now

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Stocks Post Measured Gains, Settle After Monday Whiplash

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Edges Above $80 as Traders Seek Clues on Demand Outlook

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Florida Braces for Disaster With Idalia Set for Rapid Growth

[Yahoo Finance] America’s manufacturing boom is facing a labor crunch: Morning Brief

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Hedge fund exposure to 7 biggest tech stocks at record high, Goldman Sachs says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Distress Mounts as Country Garden Tries to Dodge Default

[Reuters] All eyes on Country Garden’s cash flow as troubled firm set to report loss

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Pledges to Speed Up Fiscal Spending to Boost Economy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Banks to Cut Rates on Mortgages, Deposits in Stimulus Push

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Economists Trim China Growth Forecasts, See More PBOC Easing

[Reuters] Chinese investors rush to offshore funds to offset domestic risks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Japan’s Government Highlights Progress Toward End of Deflation

[Reuters] Japan at ‘inflection point’ in 25-year battle with deflation, government says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ’s Outlook Doesn’t Reflect Reality, Key Price Expert Says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Only a Recession Can Tame West’s Inflation, Says Adviser to UK Chancellor

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] As Rates Near Their Peak, the Pain Begins for Europe’s Borrowers

[Reuters] Taiwan warns of surge in tensions as Chinese planes cross median line

[NYT] Paid Late, or Never: Painters, Builders and Brokers Hit by China’s Property Crisis

[FT] Country Garden asks for more time to repay renminbi bond

[FT] Can China arrest the renminbi’s slide?

[FT] China’s shoppers hesitate to spend big in face of deflation

[FT] German wages rise at record pace in second quarter

[FT] Alternative investments lose steam as fundraising slows down

[FT] El Niño’s storm clouds gather over global food prices

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