Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Tuesday, March 7, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on March 7, 2023


[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Edge Higher as Treasuries Hold Below 4%: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Steadies Near Five-Week High Ahead of Fed Chair Testimony

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] European Bonds Get a Respite From Softer Inflation Expectations

[Reuters] Fed’s Powell, in Hill appearance, to update views on status of ‘disinflation’

[AP] Senate will grill Powell over Fed efforts to tame inflation

[Reuters] Analysis: Investors revive inflation trades as 6% Fed rate risk grips Wall Street

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Payrolls Have Beat Forecasts 10 Straight Months. What’s Next?

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Shakes Up Government, Lashes Out at US: NPC Update

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Warns US Risks Catastrophe With Moves to ‘Contain’ Beijing

[CNBC] China says U.S. relations have left rational path, warns of conflict unless they ‘hit the brake’

[Reuters] China says U.S. should change attitude or risk conflict

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Overhauls Financial Regulatory Regime to Control Risks

[Reuters] Factbox: What to look for at China’s NPC meeting of parliament

[Reuters] China says Ukraine crisis driven by ‘invisible hand’

[Reuters] China says must advance relations with Russia as world becomes more turbulent

[AP] US sees China propaganda efforts becoming more like Russia’s

[AP] China’s trade contracts as Western demand weakens

[Reuters] China’s trade with Russia surges at double-digit pace in Jan-Feb

[Reuters] Taiwan warns of China’s ‘repeated provocations’, China tells US not to cross red line

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB Says Consumer Inflation Expectations Fall Significantly

[Reuters] Japan’s real wages drop at fastest pace since 2014 as hot inflation takes toll

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Australia Delivers ‘Dovish Hike’ as Lowe Signals Pause Ahead

[Reuters] North Korea warns US against shooting down missile tests

[AP] Kim’s sister warns N. Korea ready to act against US, South

[Bloomberg] The Debt Ceiling Is the Risk Wall Street Doesn’t Want to Think About

[WSJ] Rising Rates Squeeze Small Town Borrowers

[FT] Fed’s Jay Powell faces high-stakes appearance in Congress amid troubling inflation data

[FT] China warns of potential conflict with US over containment strategy

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