Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on September 12, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Tech Stocks Fall After Oracle Results; Euro Slides: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Trades Near $91 a Barrel in London as Fuel Markets Tighten

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] OPEC Oil Data Show 3 Million-Barrel Shortfall on Saudi Supply Squeeze

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Currency Traders Punish Emerging-Market Rates Impatience

[Reuters] US small business sentiment falls for first time in 4 months -NFIB

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Central Banks Set for Higher for Longer to Fight Inflation

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BofA survey shows ‘dramatic shift’ toward high-flying US stocks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasury Bills Yielding 5% Are a Big Hit With Retail Investors

[Reuters] Wealthy families pile into bonds, private equity while shedding stocks – Citi

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB Suspense Intensifies With Officials Split Over Rate Decision

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] UK Labor Market Weakens With Highest Unemployment Since 2021

[Reuters] Country Garden secures bondholder reprieve, sources say; shares soar

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Housing Rebound Fades Fast in Big Cities After Stimulus

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Stock Traders Load Up on Leverage With New Rule Relaxation

[Reuters] Japan Finance Minister: Expect BOJ to pursue inflation target with appropriate policies

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Bugs in Japan Reaping Rewards as Yen Weakness Persists

[Reuters] Putin projects economic calm after rouble slump, warns of inflation risks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Putin Looks to Calm Markets, Business as Ruble Roils War Economy

[Reuters] North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Russia amid U.S. warnings not to sell arms

[Reuters] How Kim Jong Un’s meeting with Putin could shake up North Korea-Russia relations

[Reuters] Libya floods wipe out quarter of city, 10,000 feared missing

[Bloomberg] Mexico’s Moment: The Biggest US Trading Partner Is No Longer China

[NYT] Chinese Warnings on iPhones Tap Deep Strain of Security Concerns

[NYT] China May Ban Clothes That Hurt People’s Feelings. People Are Outraged.

[WSJ] A $2 Trillion Deficit for Fiscal 2023

[WSJ] Banks Load Up on $1.2 Trillion in Risky ‘Hot’ Deposits

[WSJ] As India rises, The G-20 Reveals a Shifting World Order

[WSJ] Beijing Throws China’s Housing Market a Bone

[FT] US companies opt for short-term debt in bet that yields have peaked

[FT] Xi Jinping’s G20 snub sparks concern of retreat from international diplomacy

[FT] China’s business confidence problem

[FT] China set to overtake Japan as world’s biggest car exporter

[FT] China’s navy starts largest-ever exercises in Pacific Ocean

[FT] German builders warn of crisis as they scrap record number of projects

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