Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on September 6, 2022

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US, European Stocks Rise; Pound Rebounds: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil’s OPEC+ Rally Cools With China Growth Worries Lingering

[Reuters] Yen skids past 142 per dollar, sterling clings onto early gains

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Sets Yuan Fix Weaker Than 6.9 a Dollar, Unseen Since 2020

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed’s Long-Sought Neutral Goal Proves Elusive and Moving Target

[AP] California facing chance of blackouts amid brutal heat wave

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Energy Trading Stressed by Margin Calls of $1.5 Trillion

[Yahoo Finance] The 60/40 strategy is on pace for its worst year since 1936: BofA

[Reuters] Russia will respond to oil price caps by shipping more to Asia – energy minister

[Reuters] Shelling at Ukrainian nuclear plant highlights danger ahead of UN report

[AFP] Shelling forces Ukraine nuclear plant off grid as Zelensky warns of ‘disaster’

[Reuters] Europe tries to shore up power firms with billions more

[AP] Liz Truss becomes Britain’s new prime minister

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Is Taking More Visible Measures to Slow Currency’s Descent

[Reuters] China’s top banks face narrowing margins as calls to help economy grow

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Locks Down Parts of City of 6 Million; Chengdu Still Shut

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Australia’s Central Bank Raises Key Rate to Seven-Year High, Signals More to Come

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ Should Eye Exit Steps While Holding Policy, Ex-Official Says

[Reuters] China-focused hedge funds lower exposure as risks mount

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gazprom to Shift Gas Sales to China to Rubles, Yuan From Euro

[Bloomberg] Doubts Creep Into Wagers on 75 Basis Point ECB Hike This Week

[NYT] Steeper Winter Heating Bills Loom, With Less Federal Aid

[WSJ] Junk-Loan Defaults Worry Wall Street Investors

[WSJ] California Blackout Risks Intensify Amid Soaring Temperatures, Wildfires

[FT] Russia risks ‘catastrophe’ by occupying Ukrainian nuclear plant

[FT] Industrial metal prices melt as global recession fears flare up

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