Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on August 16, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Waver Before Fed Minutes; Pound Climbs: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Yield gap between China and US widens to highest since 2007 after surprise rate cut

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Steady as China Concerns Jostle With Tightening Inventories

[Reuters] Fed meeting minutes could hint at end of rate hikes

[Reuters] Higher-for-longer rates regime pressures US recession trades

[Reuters] US single-family housing starts surge in July

[CNBC] Weekly mortgage demand drops again, as interest rates match a 22-year high

[Reuters] Fed, economists make course correction on US recession predictions

[AP] McCarthy floats stopgap funding to prevent a government shutdown at the end of next month

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Saudi Pile of US Treasuries at Six-Year Low in Shift to Risk

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Chinese Shadow Bank Misses Dozens of Payments as Fallout Spreads

[Reuters] Zhongrong Trust’s missed payments trigger fears among Chinese investors

[Reuters] China’s economic woes mount as trust firm misses payments, home prices fall

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Markets Approach Grim Milestones as Selloff Spirals

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Digs Deeper Into Toolbag in Grapple With Investor Gloom

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Home Prices Drop at Faster Pace as Downturn Worsens

[Reuters] China’s new home prices fall for first time this year, dimming economic outlook

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Is Hiding More and More Data From the Rest of the World

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Asks Some Funds to Avoid Net Equity Sales as Markets Sink

[Reuters] Analysis: Country Garden undone by promise to bring 5-star life to China’s hinterland

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BlackRock, Allianz Among Holders of Country Garden Dollar Bonds

[Reuters] UK inflation pressure stays strong despite fall in headline rate

[Axios] Strongman economics aren’t working for China and Russia

[WSJ] Is It Time to Worry About Consumer Debt? What Is Going On in Seven Charts

[WSJ] Investors Need to Worry About the Bond Market’s Return to Normality

[WSJ] Beijing Is Caught in a Catch-22 as Economy, Currency Stumble

[WSJ] Russia’s Central Bank Can’t Stop Ruble Trouble

[FT] Retail investors complain to Chinese regulator about Zhongzhi

[FT] China’s housing market is . . . not good

[FT] Vladimir Putin to hold meeting on Russian currency controls after rouble slide

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