Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on July 20, 2022

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Stocks Fluctuate as Haven Bid Lifts Treasuries: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Euro slips from 2-week highs as mood turns sour

[CNBC] Mortgage demand drops to a 22-year low as higher interest rates and inflation crush homebuyers

[AP] Sky-high diesel prices squeeze truckers, farmers, consumers

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Putin Signals Gas Pipeline Will Restart, But With Conditions

[Reuters] EU tells members to cut gas usage amid new Putin warning

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Xi Faces Surprise Revolt From Chinese Homebuyers on Mortgage Boycott

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Housing Woes Drag Junk Bond Market to Brink of Record Lows

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Premier Signals Flexible Growth Target, Stimulus Caution

[CNBC] China’s homebuyers are running out of patience with the real estate slump

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Junk Bonds on Brink of Record Low as Property Woes Grow

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] It’s Not Just China Homebuyers. Now Property Suppliers Are Boycotting Loans.

[Reuters] China reports 1,012 new COVID cases for July 19 vs 776 day earlier

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Draghi Sets Conditions for Staying in Government: Italy Update

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Italy political turmoil a headache for Europe’s central bank

[Reuters] Draghi demands party unity as condition for staying on as Italian pm

[Reuters] Italy faces parliamentary showdown on government survival

[Reuters] Analysis: Debt-laden Italy looks no less vulnerable as rates shoot higher

[CNBC] A critical shipping lane in Europe’s economic heart is drying up in the searing heat

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Kuroda Stares Down Market Bets for BOJ Pivot During His Term

[Reuters] Australians urged to work from home as winter Omicron wave swamps hospitals

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Seeks Foreign-Debt Payment Halt as War Hits Economy

[Reuters] Russia is China’s top oil supplier for 2nd month, Saudi volumes tumble – data

[Reuters] China says U.S. is ‘maker of security risks’ after Taiwan Strait sailing

[MSN/Guardian] Alarm as fastest growing US cities risk becoming unlivable from climate crisis

[NYT] ‘My Worldview Has Been Destroyed’: Chinese Banking Scandal Tests Faith in the System

[FT] Eurozone leaders are pushing the ECB into murky waters

[FT] White House warns Russia planning to annex parts of southern Ukraine

[FT] The world isn’t prepared for a wave of sovereign debt defaults

[FT] Chinese city Zhengzhou sets up bailout fund as mortgage boycott spreads

[FT] Australia launches review of ‘embarrassing’ central bank

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