Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on July 5, 2022

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Trim Losses; Treasury Yields Drop: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Euro pushes for parity as tentative calm returns elsewhere

[Reuters] Oil prices rebound from Tuesday tumble as supply concerns return

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasuries’ Biggest Investors Lose Key Reason to Back the Bond Rally

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Funds Are Furiously Selling Risky Emerging Market Currencies

[CNBC] Mortgage demand sinks even as rates drop

[Reuters] Heavy fighting, widespread shelling in battle for Donetsk, says Ukrainian officials

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Baltic Conscription Plan; Russia Bucks the Worst

[Reuters] Russia says it destroyed two U.S. HIMARS in eastern Ukraine

[Reuters] Crypto lender Voyager Digital files for bankruptcy

[CNBC] Manhattan apartment sales fall 30% in June, but prices remain high

[Reuters] China battles karaoke COVID cluster in Shanghai among other outbreaks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Starts to Pull Cash in Pivot From Crisis Policy Easing

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Debt to Climb to Record in 2022, Government Adviser Says

[Reuters] China willing to deepen cooperation with Russia within multilateral frameworks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China and India Funnel $24 Billion to Putin in Energy Spree

[Reuters] Analysis: Inflation, not deflation, is now Japan’s political hot potato as election looms

[Reuters] Factbox: Can Boris Johnson be forced out, and how is a successor chosen?

[AP] Sri Lanka’s crisis rings alarm for other troubled economies

[WSJ] Hiring Demand Remained Strong as Summer Started, Economists Estimate

[WSJ] Consumers Say 2022 Is the Worst Economy Ever

[WSJ] Russia’s Tactical Shift in Ukraine Raises Prospect of Protracted War

[FT] ECB’s crisis-fighting scheme risks being tied up in legal and political knots

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